By Fok-yan Leung

If you want say thanks to your brothers-in-arms for all those single years, here's my list of 5 not-quite-traditional groomsman gifts. Of course, if none of these appeal to you, buying your friends wedding ties is always a lovely gift. But you knew that already, didn't you?

1) Whiskey Stones, set of twelve,, $19.95

For the bachelor party before the party. Also, every time they have a drink, they’ll be raising a glass for you.

2) Wooly mammoth tooth lockback knife by Sante Fe Stoneworks,, $150.

Because fossils are cool, and you guys always wanted the knives mom would never let you buy for your treehouse club.

3) Drake’s Pink Unicorn Habotai pocket square,, 60 GBP.

Your bride wants you to “match” the bridesmaids. And, all your groomsmen decide to rent their tuxedos. This gift solves the first problem, and mitigates the second.
(Warning: your bride is the real unicorn.)

4) Il Micio card case from, $200,

Because they are going to be getting out their credit cards out regularly as the drinks and food pile up at your bachelor party. And each time they do, they are reminded what a swell guy you are.

5) Silver knot cufflinks,, $55.

Because no matter what dress code you and your bride decide on, odds are that at least one of your groomsmen either has no idea how to dress himself, or just really, really, doesn’t care. Put at least one really awesome piece in his wardrobe, and up everyone else’s game.