By Fok-yan Leung

Congratulations! Now you’re married. If you're lucky, you’ll be finding occasions to say sorry for the rest of your life. A gift that shows that you’ve put some thought into it is a good way of showing that not only are you sorry, but that you think about what she wants and what she likes, which is probably (this from personal experience) what she really needs in the first place. Even if you are luckier and smarter than most, you’ll still probably exhaust this list in short order. After that, you're on your own - but this is a start.

1) Diptyque Red Tubereuse candle,, $90.

Candles are a cliché, but my wife likes them, our intern tells me she likes them, and really, every woman in my very limited survey, with no exceptions, likes them (I mean, really - who doesn't like candles?). This Diptyque candle is great for saying “Sorry I used up all of the hot water before your shower.”

2. Christian Louboutin sheer voile lipstick,, $90

Occasionally, you still leave the toilet seat up. In case she experiences an unpleasant nighttime surprise, have this on hand. “Sorry you sat in the toilet. Here is some lovely lipstick!” Soon she'll start begging you to leave it up. (My wife’s note: "WTF? That will never happen.")

3) Reiko Kaneko Lip tease mug,, $25

If you break something of your wife’s that she really likes, you are going to need to replace it with something that is as good or better. Here is a good suggestion if you break her favorite mug (hint: it’s a new mug).

4) Soho leather key case,, $295.

It’s never advisable to contradict your wife with an irrelevant fact. Arguments are nearly never about the facts. To be able to say “aha!” is a power that should be used judiciously; a.k.a pretty much never. So, in case you use that power injudiciously, once too often, maybe get her this. After all, no woman wants a bunch of keys scratching up the inside of her collection bags.

5) Fleur of England Desire robe,, $660.

Sometimes, you don’t need to say sorry. Sometimes, you just need to show her that you care, that you think of her and know that she is beautiful. Fleur of England makes some of the most desirable lingerie in the world from lace and silk. This piece is elegant, sensual, and when she wears it, she will remember just how she looks to you.