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  1. R

    How NOT to wear cufflinks?

    Hi, gentlemen. Could you make a list "how not to wear cufflinks"? And what horrible mistakes men often do when they wear them?
  2. S

    First Time Daily Suit Advice For A Pale Guy

    Hi all, so I’m kinda in a pickle. I’ve recently been hired for a job which requires the daily wearing of suits. Problem is before now I’ve never worn a suit or anything more than board shorts and T-shirt’s really. I’ve gone ahead and bought myself two suits to start off with, one black and the...
  3. M

    Advice on type of socks for hot weather look.

    Hi guys, I have some question about how my look works with short socks, as I'm wearing it. or should I use "invisible" socks? Also, should I use short sleeve shirts? instead of t-shirts?. I'm 40 YO. Thanks!
  4. R

    Advice on suit jacket size...

    I’m 5’7” and can’t decide whether to purchase a 36S or 36R jacket.
  5. L

    What to wear with a navy puffer jacket?

    Recently, I decided to treat myself to a navy Moncler Maya jacket and I have a special occasion coming up but I don't really know what to wear with it. I was thinking a black polo shirt and dark wash jeans but maybe that's to many dark tones? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. deepgreen

    I need advice

    Hello! I am a 23yo guy living in Vienna, Austria and i could really use some advice. For years i have been dressed in a very casual "skater" style. It is comfortable, turns few heads and is very normal among my peers. This has definitely molded peoples image of me and also the one I have of...
  7. Godeske

    Help med find shirt

    Hey, I Want to buy the topshop 1973 ringer tee in grey(picture added), IT is the shirt Worn in power Rangers 2017 movie. I is sold out whereever I lool, and rly samt to buy, can someone Help?
  8. S

    What kind of a hairstyle should I get?

    Hey guys, I'm new here, 16 years old and about to finish my sophomore year of high school. I've typically worn a hat in the past (here: https://images.solecollector.com/complex/image/upload/t_in_content_image/jimmy-butler-jordan-hats-02_o32o2o.jpg for reference), but I have never actually...
  9. A

    What do you guys think about my first suit?

    Hey fellas. I just bought my first suit today. It is a pre-owned Sartoria Castangia three-roll-two suit in navy blue. I got it for $185 on eBay, which I think is a f**king steal!!! Am I right or what? Also, I think the lapel roll of this suit is gorgeous. Please look at the pictures and let me...
  10. W

    Help a newbie find the perfect button-down everyday shirt

    Hi Styleforum, this is my first post. I've had quite a few button-down shirts over the years, but I was rarely quite happy with the fabric or the fit. At age 38 I've decided to grow up and put some research into my next purchase. I'm 187 cm and pretty slim, and I always tend to go with Medium...
  11. R

    What shirt+Pants can I combine this with ?

    Hello, I recently bought a suit coat and a vest, but I couldn't combine them with anything available in my wardrobe, other than a pair of light blue jeans( I would like a more official look). It looks like I would have to buy new matching items. I am kindly asking if anyone with a proper...
  12. Caustic Man

    Share It Before You Wear It

    This thread is for advice seekers who want quick, simple, advice on whether or not they should wear a particular outfit. You will find critiques, suggestions, and advice all geared toward informing you about your clothing choices BEFORE you step outside the door. Do you have a cocktail party...
  13. R

    Best Place to Get a Good Sheepskin Bomber/Aviator Jacket?

    I am looking to get a nice sheepskin bomber jacket and want to know if anyone has advice on what some quality places to buy one from would be. I would also like the jacket to shy on the cheaper side if at all possible.
  14. M

    College Student First Business Advice

    Hi All, I've been lurking for sometime and now am making my first post. I am currently a college student and am looking at starting my first business but would like your advice as to whether my idea would work. Through a buddy's family I am able to get brand new Gucci suits and sell them at...
  15. garthnix

    Tweed advice needed

    Hi folks, since I had to return my last sport coat purchase to Berg&Berg (too tight, their sizes are weird) I have some cash earmarked "sport coat". I'd like a tweed gun club or gun check, or a nice brown or olive herringbone. Not too heavy or thick. I wear a long 52 in suits, usually. My...
  16. D

    Mantoni suits?

    Stopped by my local tailor/menswear shop. It's a family-owned business which has been around since the 50s. Very highly rated on both Yelp and Google. I'm in the market for two new suits, but not trying to spend $700+ on each. The man there suggested a Mantoni suit. Including tailoring, I...
  17. T

    Navy wedding suit

    Im sure this is the 100th post like this, but i am shopping for a navy blue suit to wear for my wedding. I am in my early 30s and have had a fairly consistent 'figure' so i am comfortable spending more $ for something that will be special and last - what i am struggling with is determining which...
  18. 4

    Belt Advice Needed

    I have been looking for a nice blue leather belt for a while but haven't found the right one yet. I would like to be able to pair it with both casual and more formal outfits. I tumbled upon this one but I have never heard of this brand. Does anyone in the Styleforum have experience with the...
  19. D

    Fit/Style Vs Construction/Materials

    Hi everyone! Long time lurker here. I finally decided to sign up and join the discussion. I was hoping to get some feedback on an issue that's been bugging me for a while. I've been in the process on building my wardrobe for a little while, but I keep wavering back and forth on two suiting...
  20. L

    Face/Head Shape for Glasses & Haircuts?

    Hi all! New here. I've got a bit of a dilemma. I'm about to get my first ever pair of glasses, tried lots on in person and online but all the ones I like so far I end up feeling like they look unflattering/odd on me (probably because I'm not used to it but still). So my question today is...

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