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  1. N

    Hello, I’m getting a haircut soon but I don’t really know what would go well with my facial shape.

    First one is me, second one is what I’ll get if I don’t find anything that suits me
  2. Carl Trotter

    Stroller Suit Buying Advice.

    Hello! I am currently looking to buy a stroller suit jacket. I'm looking for something black that is either ventless/double-vented and has peaked lapels with a single-breasted configuration. It should have been 1 and 3 buttons (ideally 3 buttons). Something of that description could be...
  3. C

    Does this match/look good?

  4. C

    Does this outfit match/look good?

  5. A

    How does this suit fit (Lanieri)

    Hello everyone! I’m new to the forum, so excuse me if I’m making mistakes by posting this here. I’ve recently decided that I need a suit, and after visiting several shops and realizing how difficult it is to find something for my body type (168cm and wide shoulders) I opted for lanieri MTM. What...
  6. Mike4688

    Boot resizing?

    Hey, I’ve been looking for some vintage Red Wing 915’s and boots of the similar look and style. So my question is if I find a pair of boots that are a size or two larger then mine at a great price. Can I buy them and send them to a boot cobbler and have them resized during the rebuilding process...
  7. P

    Total Newbie Here, Needing Help

    Hi, i don’t know anything. Like what colours would match, what can you wear (dont’s and do’s) where to buy clothes, what are good brands etc. How could i learn more about this whole ”scene”?
  8. D

    First time buying Ray Ban Wayfarers, some advice please?

    Hi All, I have had my eye on a pair of classic Ray Ban Wayfarers for some time now. I have never bought an expensive pair of sun glasses before so just looking for some advice. Due to the restrictions in retail I cannot go into a store and try on a physical pair of sun glasses so I will be...
  9. l_tap

    Starting A New Boot Brand And Looking For Advice

    Hi, I recently joined the forum to learn, contribute, and share all things men's fashion and I was curious to hear the stories, trials, tribulations, and advice from members who have started their own brands. A bit about me and my project. I am a real estate broker by trade, but I have...
  10. AlexSwift

    Sunglasses Advice

    Hi guys, I will be a university graduate this year in summer, and I have planned a trip to the beach for my graduation. I am stuck in choosing a pair of 🕶 right now. I have chosen one style on an online shop but don't know which color to choose. So I turn to you guys for some advice😆. (btw, I...
  11. pwbircham

    Helmut Lang Jacket information

    Hi all! I picked up this jacket earlier today, I was wondering if anyone had any information or can point me to which era/when it was made? It is a coach jacket shape with a front pocket, the left arm is either discoloured or a different shade by design and it has the iconic backpack straps...
  12. E

    What to do to start a new wardrobe? Please help :)

    Hey all, I’ve recently decided to redo my wardrobe as most of the stuff in it right now is teen cringy clothing and things I can’t really wear out in public now I’m older. I like a vintage streetwear vibe with retro tees and oversized sweatshirts kinda thing. I don’t really know where to start...
  13. A

    Help with Picking Additional Colour

    Hi, I hope there is somebody that will help me out? I'm deciding what colour belt to wear with an inky blue suit. I'm wearing dusky pink brogue shoes with same dusky pink shirt and tie. I'm dress in a fairly funky style so don't particularly want to roll with the usual black/brown. I'm...
  14. pasoguava

    Requesting Fit Advice on New Oliver Wicks Suit

    Hello! Requesting thoughts on the fit of the Oliver Wicks MTM suit below. The first photo shows the suit as depicted on their website and the rest are the suit I received. For reference, I'm 5'8", 158lbs. I'm in the arts so am never in an office environment. This suit will be used for openings...
  15. R

    How NOT to wear cufflinks?

    Hi, gentlemen. Could you make a list "how not to wear cufflinks"? And what horrible mistakes men often do when they wear them?
  16. S

    First Time Daily Suit Advice For A Pale Guy

    Hi all, so I’m kinda in a pickle. I’ve recently been hired for a job which requires the daily wearing of suits. Problem is before now I’ve never worn a suit or anything more than board shorts and T-shirt’s really. I’ve gone ahead and bought myself two suits to start off with, one black and the...
  17. M

    Advice on type of socks for hot weather look.

    Hi guys, I have some question about how my look works with short socks, as I'm wearing it. or should I use "invisible" socks? Also, should I use short sleeve shirts? instead of t-shirts?. I'm 40 YO. Thanks!
  18. R

    Advice on suit jacket size...

    I’m 5’7” and can’t decide whether to purchase a 36S or 36R jacket.
  19. L

    What to wear with a navy puffer jacket?

    Recently, I decided to treat myself to a navy Moncler Maya jacket and I have a special occasion coming up but I don't really know what to wear with it. I was thinking a black polo shirt and dark wash jeans but maybe that's to many dark tones? Any help would be appreciated.

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