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  1. M

    Lumps in shoe sole

    Hi all, I’ve spotted several shoes with these lumps on the inside of the shoe sole, how do they form and can they be fixed? Not sure if I posted it on the right forum. Thanks for the help.
  2. K_The_Sartorialist

    New suit fit check

    Hi guys! Just recieved my new Suitsupply suit. It’s MTM through their online program with all measurements done by myself. Sorry for the picture quality being a bit crap but what do you guys recon? Any obvious mistakes or is it a keeper? Kind regards K
  3. S

    Bespoke Trouser Styles

    Hello, I was thinking about how we always talk about house styles for suit jackets but never for trousers. Do bespoke(even high end MTM and RTW) shops- for example: Huntsman, Cifonelli, Rubinacci, etc- have a house style for their trousers(such as for the break they like, pleats, cuff width) or...
  4. S

    Can a tailor add lapel buttonholes

    Hello, I was looking at some of my family members and I's older suits and I noticed some don't have a buttonhole on the lapel for boutonnieres, lapel pins, etc. Is this something a tailor can do or is it too much of a hassle? I can just wear another suit with one if I really want to wear an...
  5. jiibarra

    Which tuxedo should I purchase for my wedding?

    I’m in the market for a tuxedo for my wedding and found two that I really like. A slim fit peak lapel one from Suit Supply for $698 and trim fit notch lapel one from Corneliani which I was able to negotiate down to $600. Obviously the Corneliani suit is higher quality and I’d be paying less for...
  6. king_of_cups

    Where To Have A Suit Made In Singapore?

    Hey All, My wife is stumped about what to do for my fortieth birthday, and her Hail Mary is to send me to Singapore to have a suit made for me (nice!). She has no idea what this would cost, or how long it would take — she’s heard rumors of places that do insane 48-hour turnarounds. I told her...
  7. G

    Polka dot shirt / window pane suit

    Seeking input...I have a window pane suit I want to pair with a "kind of" polka dot shirt and need a tie. This is for my daughter's wedding this summer and her colors are dark blue and burgundy (not my choice for a summer wedding, but oh well). I'm struggling to find a tie I like with these...
  8. ibbik2010

    Need advice for tailored wear

    Respected Seniors, I am average guy who weighs about 63-65 Kgs, broad shoulders, height is about 5.8 feet. I need help for my tailored suits. I have three fabrics; 1. Wool Checkered Suit fabric [[Width 1.54 meters (61 inches)], [Length 2.916 meters (114.8 inches)]] 2. Trevira+Wool Pin Stipe...
  9. hevlk

    Fitcheck Natalino

    Hey guys! I just bought a sport jacket (52) and a flannel trouser (50) from Natalino and wanted to ask about your opinion on the fit. I think the trouser fits perfectly. In my opinion, the jacket fits nicely in the shoulders, sleeves are unfinished but I wouldn't shorten them, but I would have...
  10. hevlk

    Opinions on my outfit

    I am pretty new to classic men's fashion although I always liked preppy clothing. But starting into classic fashion now and wanted to get your opinion on this outfit I wore to a dinner a few weeks ago. The navy blazer is from Zegna, found it in a vintage store in Hamburg, the shirt is from...
  11. S

    First Suit for an Athlete (Drop 12ish)

    I'm starting to look for business suits since I will soon begin recruiting for internships and later full-time work. However, I lift religiously, have played rugby for most of my life, and am generally a very athletic person, so my body is very muscular. My chest is 44 inches, my waist is 32...
  12. Schlangsi

    Fake or Real authentification check Kapital sweater

    Can someone legit check this Kapital sweater for me pls
  13. N

    Hello, I’m getting a haircut soon but I don’t really know what would go well with my facial shape.

    First one is me, second one is what I’ll get if I don’t find anything that suits me
  14. Carl Trotter

    Stroller Suit Buying Advice.

    Hello! I am currently looking to buy a stroller suit jacket. I'm looking for something black that is either ventless/double-vented and has peaked lapels with a single-breasted configuration. It should have been 1 and 3 buttons (ideally 3 buttons). Something of that description could be...
  15. C

    Does this match/look good?

  16. C

    Does this outfit match/look good?

  17. A

    How does this suit fit (Lanieri)

    Hello everyone! I’m new to the forum, so excuse me if I’m making mistakes by posting this here. I’ve recently decided that I need a suit, and after visiting several shops and realizing how difficult it is to find something for my body type (168cm and wide shoulders) I opted for lanieri MTM. What...
  18. Mike4688

    Boot resizing?

    Hey, I’ve been looking for some vintage Red Wing 915’s and boots of the similar look and style. So my question is if I find a pair of boots that are a size or two larger then mine at a great price. Can I buy them and send them to a boot cobbler and have them resized during the rebuilding process...
  19. F

    Looking to interview someone working in the fashion/marketing industry for a school assignment

  20. P

    Total Newbie Here, Needing Help

    Hi, i don’t know anything. Like what colours would match, what can you wear (dont’s and do’s) where to buy clothes, what are good brands etc. How could i learn more about this whole ”scene”?

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