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  1. Etboel

    Roberto Firmino Sunglasses - HELP!

    Hi Stylers I'm at the end of my cancer treatment, and I want to buy myself a nice thing. I'm a BIG LFC fan, and I want to find these sunglasses that Roberto Firmino was wearing after they won Premier League. Please help! I can't seem to find them anywhere... Thanks in advance. /K
  2. B

    Dubious Stan Smiths

    So as this is my first post I may be doing it incorrectly or putting this question in the wrong location. Apologies if that is the case. I recently received a pair of Stan Smiths for a graduation present, but they just seem a bit off to me. I was wondering if anyone could help me identify if...
  3. M

    need helping finding a style of sunglasses

    I am looking to find these sunglasses https://www.justbrazilstore.gr/collections/dblanc/products/dosed-marquis-flat-charcoal-grey . They are not made anymore by d'blanc and I cant find anywhere that sells it. Does anybody know where to find them or even a pair that looks almost exactly the same...
  4. Llagerbomb

    Are YSL Wyatts slippery?

    I am seriously considering buying a pair of Ysl wyatt boots. I was wondering if the boots are slippery. I wouldn’t want to spend that much money on a pair that I would only occasionally wear. Thanks!
  5. Aallooyyssiiuus

    Help! Have I remove my dress shoes factory pigment using too much Saphir Renovateur

    white patch after applying too much Renovateur 😭
  6. C

    Kiton Jacket Authentication Assistance

    I wanted to purchase this jacket, I've already evaluated the seller and they seem to be credible, however, I am not as familiar with Kiton as other brands. The seller did give me close up photos of the tags. Also, the seller did not know of the style name of the jacket. Any help would be greatly...
  7. E

    What to do to start a new wardrobe? Please help :)

    Hey all, I’ve recently decided to redo my wardrobe as most of the stuff in it right now is teen cringy clothing and things I can’t really wear out in public now I’m older. I like a vintage streetwear vibe with retro tees and oversized sweatshirts kinda thing. I don’t really know where to start...
  8. D

    Need Help on finding this piece

    Hello everyone, so I’ve got a simple question, does anyone know out of what material this jacket from 21 savage is out of the video? (The guy with the money) The jacket is kind of a black denim jacket but without the denim material. I’ve searched in the net but couldn’t find any jackets that...
  9. N

    HELP! Identify these Ray Bans!

    I have this photo on my phone from about 2-3 years ago of ray bans I desperately wanted, but couldn't afford at the time. I have no idea what they are to be able to find and purchase them now. Hoping a Ray Ban enthusiast or genius can help identify them!
  10. Harold falcon

    Real or Fake Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Jacket

    I consulted my egg McMuffin and it’s confirmed fake.
  11. Lukester

    What shoemaker is this?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could help me identify the maker of these Goodyear welted brogues? Cheers Luke
  12. NathanP

    Does Shantung silk last long?

    So, I'm looking to buy a waistcoat and I want it to last for a good amount of time. It's partly made of silk. To my untrained eyes, it looks like Shantung Silk which is supposed to look 'beat down'. I like this look a lot but I'm worried it will get worse and look even rougher over time. Does...
  13. E

    7 Moncler Fragment Suede, Leather and Rubber boots - looking for something similar

    Good night. These boots are the most beautiful I've ever seen, but I surely can't pay the price tag. Do you know of any similar boots? I looked a lot and couldn't find any. Sorry if posted in the wrong place. I didn't find a general.
  14. C

    Why is my right boot creasing like this? Thorogood 814 Moc-toe 8-inch.

    (pic of what I mean.) I've had these for over two weeks, wearing them to pretty much everywhere because they're super comfortable, except for the little bit of pressure that this puts on my foot. I feel like I've tried everything; stretching, lacing differently...should I just send them back...
  15. M

    What are these trousers called! HELP PLEASEE

    what are these style of trousers called csn someone find me these trousers thanks
  16. deepgreen

    I need advice

    Hello! I am a 23yo guy living in Vienna, Austria and i could really use some advice. For years i have been dressed in a very casual "skater" style. It is comfortable, turns few heads and is very normal among my peers. This has definitely molded peoples image of me and also the one I have of...
  17. Godeske

    Help med find shirt

    Hey, I Want to buy the topshop 1973 ringer tee in grey(picture added), IT is the shirt Worn in power Rangers 2017 movie. I is sold out whereever I lool, and rly samt to buy, can someone Help?
  18. L

    Ask for Help

    Hello, it's been a while since I've been looking for this shit. I will be so grateful if someone could help to find a shirt with the same striping. Thanks
  19. ClothesStudent

    Navy blue ties in width 9.5 cm?

    Hello! Do you know any good tie brand wich produces nice silk tie in the witdh range of 9.5 cm. I want a navy blue solid tie with a structure to it. (not plain silk)

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