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  1. HQMiner

    Button Underneath Rear Single Vent on Mid Century Sport Coat - What is its Purpose?

    Hello all, About a year ago I purchased this mid century sport coat at an antique store. There really isn't anything special with it in particular. I'm assuming it's from the mid to late 60s due to its overall construction and the height / length of the rear vent. Which brings us to the main...
  2. C

    Is this sport coat too long?

    It seems too billowy and wide around the hips. It’s making me look fatter than I am. I’m wearing this to a work party at a nice bar, so I don’t want it looking too formal.
  3. wise91

    How to pinstripe Gambardine fabric

    Hey there! Recently I started a course in tayloring and I can’t seem to find any directions to guide me on how to pinstripe my black Gambardine fabric. I want to draw the stripes with light grey or white ink but I don’t even know what kind of ink I could use or if it’s better to consider other...
  4. wise91

    Fashion School assignment - throughout history of footwear and men's luxury shoes

    Hello stylish fellas! I hope you all are alright. I'm posting this in order to gather information (web articles, threads, videos/podcasts, experts' e-mail adresses...) about the history of footwear and men's luxury shoes. I have this assignment to deliver next month that explains the evolution...
  5. V

    Need Tie Advice

    Hello all, first post, great to be here. This is my first time owning a suit, and I'm just starting getting into nicer fashion and would love some advice. I just purchased this suit and I would love to compliment my wife's dress she will be wearing for a family members wedding. It's not super...
  6. U

    Overalls opinion/advice?

    I'm looking to buy a pair of overalls, and I'm wondering what your thoughts are. What stores/brand would you recommend getting them from (US), and how much should I expect to pay? I'm looking at dark khaki, grey, navy blue, or black overalls, but I'm not sure yet. What colors and styles do you...
  7. Style-Lunchman

    Good Brands For Odd Waistcoats/Vests

    While this is not an essential purchase for me anytime soon, I have been looking for a very cool light gray (dove gray?) waistcoat to wear with my dark gray suit. Does anyone know of any good brands that sell them, or should I save up and just splurge on something custom? If all else fails, then...
  8. L

    Visvim Ballistic 20l backplate dimensions?

    I recently purchased a 13ss ballistic which came without the backplate. Does anyone have the dimensions for the plate? I'm thinking I can probably create my own version, but can't find any information on shape or dimensions.
  9. Spendstoomuchmoney


    I just bought a logo Piana sweater on Poshmark and can’t tell if it is authentic. I need to know before 3 days then I can’t report if it is fake or not! The Tag is sewn on the left side(if real to help maintain value). The only tags in it are the size and “main tag” it feels soft but can’t tell...
  10. qwertyas

    Church's Oxford shoes with creases - Fixable, normal or throw out?

    My Church's Oxford shoes have what I think are some pretty terrible creases (please see the picture). I have odd sizes feet (short but wide) and a strange gait where my feet externally rotate and supinate. I've been trying to fix this with the help of a podiatrist. There has been some...
  11. Solstad

    Help identify church's shoes

    Hi! I just got these shoes (second hand), and can't find the model/identification. The shoe might be pre Prada, but i am not shure. the writing did not make a lot of sense for me (exept size and width), but mayby some of you understand the writing better 😀 The shoes does have a redish...
  12. dertiniopenzo

    Jcrew mens fit armscye issue ?

    Hey Styleforum , Don't you think there is a major problem with fit at jcrew men's .The armscye is too low on every garments ,creates a baggy feeling between armpit and chest . I feel like some brands better manage this issue such as Apc , barbour regarding shirts . The low armscye makes shirt...
  13. E

    Suit color for funeral

    Hello all. A friend recently passed away, and I would like to attend his funeral. As such, I will be wearing a suit with black shoes and a dark tie, but I’m a bit anxious if my two (applicable) suits are a tad too light in color. I would deeply appreciate it if some of you could express your...
  14. T

    Help me ID a shearling double rider...

    Hi all, first time posting here. I bought a shearling double rider from eBay on a whim and I have a feeling it isn't actually made in France... would appreciate any help verifying the provenance of the jacket. It is pretty well constructed, but the chintzy gold lettering on the tag is odd...
  15. L

    Leather jacket size, which one fits better?

    Hi, looking for advice on this schott jacket, which one fits better in your opinion? (apologies for the crap photos): Small: Medium: Thanks for the help!
  16. V

    Is this jeans fake?

    hello guys, i found this pair of diesel jeans in my closet and I’m very confused if it’s fake or real and if it’s real, what is his value? I hope Someone here has a knowledge about diesel jeans and I will be very happy if you will help me. The photos of the jeans:
  17. Pax_Immortalis

    Where can I find this Conor McGregor shirt and shorts?

    Please help me find these white and blue shorts and this red floral shirt. I searched, but could not find anything. Thank you
  18. R


    Hello, I was gifted this Barbour wax jacket off my sister years ago, I am aware it is a womans size but just looking for advice because I want to sell it as I don’t wear it any more and was wondering if anyone can help me figure out when it is from etc? Thank you
  19. H

    Sock Suspenders in Sydney

    Hey guys, completely new to this forum as well as ALL forums but NEEDED help! Does ANYONE know where I can find sock suspenders in the city of Sydney without having to go online. Desperate for a gift for a suit aficionado. HALP(and thank you)!!!
  20. saggysuit25

    Fit Check, Brooks Brothers 1818 Milano

    Looking for suit for wedding, taking a look at the Brooks Brothers 1818 Milano fit. Tried 40R and shoulders fit well, but definitely a lot of room in the mid-section. Planning to tailor to have a much more fitted look, but concerned of how the suit lays in the front, mainly the bulge between the...

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