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  1. C

    Why is my right boot creasing like this? Thorogood 814 Moc-toe 8-inch.

    (pic of what I mean.) I've had these for over two weeks, wearing them to pretty much everywhere because they're super comfortable, except for the little bit of pressure that this puts on my foot. I feel like I've tried everything; stretching, lacing differently...should I just send them back...
  2. M

    What are these trousers called! HELP PLEASEE

    what are these style of trousers called csn someone find me these trousers thanks
  3. deepgreen

    I need advice

    Hello! I am a 23yo guy living in Vienna, Austria and i could really use some advice. For years i have been dressed in a very casual "skater" style. It is comfortable, turns few heads and is very normal among my peers. This has definitely molded peoples image of me and also the one I have of...
  4. Godeske

    Help med find shirt

    Hey, I Want to buy the topshop 1973 ringer tee in grey(picture added), IT is the shirt Worn in power Rangers 2017 movie. I is sold out whereever I lool, and rly samt to buy, can someone Help?
  5. L

    Ask for Help

    Hello, it's been a while since I've been looking for this ****. I will be so grateful if someone could help to find a shirt with the same striping. Thanks
  6. ClothesStudent

    Navy blue ties in width 9.5 cm?

    Hello! Do you know any good tie brand wich produces nice silk tie in the witdh range of 9.5 cm. I want a navy blue solid tie with a structure to it. (not plain silk)
  7. Scootiesangel

    Help with Vintage Shoes

    So I picked up this pair of Travel Fox orange suede shoes today. I can find stuff about the brand but nothing about this particular shoe. Can anyone help me?
  8. T

    Pocket Square Advice???

    Hey, i'm new here, i made an account just to ask this question and hopefully i can have it answered in the next couple days My prom's coming up fast, and after a recent banquet i fell in love with pocket squares. It's honestly kind of fun creating new ways to fold them and such. Anyways, i've...
  9. ClinkingThearly

    Valstar UK

    Hello stylish ones, Apologies if I am duplicating a thread, however I did a few searches and couldn't find much on this topic. I am looking to purchase a Valstar jacket in a few weeks and so I've began to have a closer look at them especially the colouring. Originally I was going to go for...
  10. C

    $10k Budget - Professional Wardrobe

    Background, new finance job, late 20's, business professional environment with some business casual mixed in, live in the south, very hot summers and I get hot. Looking for some examples/suggestions of what you would spend your budget on. Exact items a plus. I realize I might not be able to get...
  11. J

    Looking for this Hat! Help?

    Hello everyone, new to this forum so not sure if this is the right place, but I've been looking and searching the net with no luck so hope y'all can help me. I'm looking for this cowboy hat, any ideas on who makes these? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  12. Justsomerandomguy

    Really need some help finding this shirt...

    Hello there, I've spent a lot of time searching on the internet for this t-shirt but it somehow seems like there is no way of me finding a place to buy it. So I was wondering if there is someone out there who knows where to get this shirt or is this maybe custom made? Would greatly appreciate...
  13. P

    Most stylish football (soccer) jerseys?

    Hello styleforum, I'm currently designing some custom football jerseys and want them to be stylish enough to wear on the street. I think simplicity will be key as a lot of the ones on market at the moment cannot really pass as street/casual wear. I'd like some help on which clubs/jerseys you...
  14. C

    Suit Fit Dilema

    So I've an important interview coming up and need to look my best hence the need for a well fitted suit. I am a 44 chest however no matter what jacket I try they always seem to be a little tight in the shoulder. Having never had a suit altered before and with a completely bespoke suit being out...
  15. M

    ☆Expert Eyes Only☆ Need HELP •RRL•

    Going through some old stuff I have, I came across this jacket I used to wear walking to H.S. in the rain (1995). My Mom bought this for me for my 16th B'day. I always thought to myself that this jacket may be worth something more in the future since it is a Ralph Lauren (RRL). But is it? I...
  16. K

    Wedding Style Dilemma - How to style

    Hello everyone, I am going to a wedding soon and the groom has asked all of us men to wear a specific bow tie to the reception. I have no idea how to even go about styling this considering the bow tie is a bit "out there", any ideas?!:eh:
  17. B

    Is it original Maison Margiela?

  18. reggin

    Clothing brands that are durable?

    Help me find some durable clothing brands please! And help me avoid poor quality brands! :cheers: Cheers!
  19. Andrays O.

    Which brand is this jacket and what fabric is it?

    Please help me find this jacket! I have been looking for this jacket for about 3 or 4 months now and can't find anything like it. Please help me find it. I need this jacket in my life Here are a few of the words i have been using while looking for it: 'dark red classy matte velvet like fabric...
  20. donutstotheresq

    Interview Wear Critique and Advice

    hello! So I'd like to get your guys' expert opinion my outfit for an interview: (civil engineering, meeting with all levels of engineers and supervisors. Job itself would be working out in the field if that matters. Suit: Napoli Navy Shirt: white button. French cuffs seems too much? Tie: I...

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