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What is Styleforum Wearing: 7.12.2013

Discussion in 'Streetwear and Denim' started by Synthese, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. Synthese

    Synthese Darth Millennial Dubiously Honored

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    Feb 10, 2009
    In Stitches

    Original WAYWT post here


    What this looks like: "The tickets...are now diamonds."

    “I love books,” says the librarian. “I love them so much that I believe, very strongly, that no one should ever be able to touch them or, god forbid, remove them from my library. Every dog-eared page, every cracked spine – it’s like a knife through my heart. If I catch you pulling that kind of shit I’ll do the same to you. Are we clear?”

    You can feel disgust radiating off of his grey sport coat. Maybe you shouldn't have applied for this job. Your mother tried to convince you to wait tables at her brother’s fancy restaurant, but you've decided you have to do something with your literature degree and libraries have always fascinated you.

    “Now,” he says, standing and buttoning his jacket, “The archives are this way.” He leads you through a set of massive double doors into the bowels of the building, and you stop short. Shelves upon shelves of books stretch into the dimly-lit distance. The air smells of worn leather and ancient paper. Closing your eyes, you inhale the heady scent of romance, of the wisdom of the ages.

    “Fuck…yes,” you say without thinking, “books are fucking rad.” You realize what you've said and cover your mouth with your hand. You turn slowly. The librarian is staring at you.

    The Goods:

    Sport Coat: Cantarelli
    Shirt: Brooks Brothers
    Chinos: Levi’s Made and Crafted
    Chukkas: Gaziano and Girling
    Watch: Panerai 112

    You're a poster who spends time on both sides of The Great Menswear Divide. Is there anything in particular about what you've seen here that you've enjoyed? Has streetwear begun to influence any of your own tastes?

    I actually happened upon SWD almost accidentally. I noticed on the home page that the SWD WAYWT thread consistently had the most new posts each day, and that most of the top rated posts were posted there. I figured I had to see what all the hype was about. So I checked in, with no real intent to stick around, let alone contribute and read every post there daily.

    However, I do always try and keep an open mind about things, and as I perused the pages I realized there was actually a lot of stuff I liked going on there. It was not nearly what I thought it was going to be. It was not a lot of the same thing over and over. There was a very wide spectrum of styles being posted, and each garnering praise or critique for its success or failure, regardless of what specific style it fell under. It was either good or bad on its own merits.

    People often say that in SWD the details matter less. I don’t think that could be more wrong. It is very much about the details, it’s just that the important details in SWD are different than they are in MC. Neither is right or wrong, and there is much to be learned from being aware of both points of view.

    Personally, SWD has definitely affected my style, even though I would certainly say my mode of dress is still more MC than it is SWD. There are items that I have bought, and outfits that I have tried, that are unquestionably SWD inspired, and only occurred to me after the things I had learned in SWD.

    On top of that, and of just as much importance, I really enjoy the collection of guys in SWD. I think it has brought together a really nice gathering of dudes. The humor is different, the banter is different, the vibe is different. It’s refreshing, and it always makes me smile.



    Original WAYWT post here


    What this looks like: Mirror’s Edge meets Banlieue 13 meets City 17

    Your early-morning jog is a dull and achy affair, an opportunity for you to work the kinks out of your neck before work and, usually, regret the excesses of the night before. As you round a corner, facing the sunrise, you’re yanked into an alleyway. A man is holding you by the front of your tee. His face is hidden in shadows, but you can tell that you’re about the same size and that he’s wearing clothes which would look at home in a William Gibson novel.

    “Were we followed?” His voice sounds strangely familiar, and surprisingly, you find that you’re not scared.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you say, “but I’m alone.” Slowly, he releases you.

    “Good. I’m carrying something important,” he says. “If I were caught, if we were…People will die. Whole countries could fall.”

    “Jesus, dude,” you say, “I am way too hung-over for this.”

    “I know the feeling,” he says. “Stop going to The Last Drop on Tuesdays. I’m sorry to do this, but I had to make sure that I – that you were all right. If anything happens to you, then I – no, then all of us…you just need to stay safe.” He turns a large dial on what looks like a bulky wristwatch. His body begins to disappear.

    “Wait,” you say, confused. “Stay safe? Is there something I should know?”

    “I have to go back,” he says, as he fades, “Hopefully we won’t meet again. In three days, you’ll be given something special. What you do with it is your choice, but remember this: the future is ours.”

    You catch a glimpse of a white suede backpack before he vanishes completely. The exact same one is lying on the floor of your apartment.

    The Goods:

    Bomber: Peir Wu
    Knit: SNS Herning
    Pant: Ute Ploier
    Sneakers: Dries van Noten
    Bag: Eastpak

    What do you look for when you buy clothes? What is it about the brands you're wearing here that you particularly enjoy?

    Besides the overall aesthetic, I look at what the clothes express. I have a certain mood in mind. It can take the form of a feeling, color, tone, setting, whatever. It’s hard to explain but it’s very specific.

    You can say that my taste “derives” from this mood and it applies to most of my interests. All of my favorite songs and clothes share it. In that sense, a certain track can give me inspiration for an outfit, and vice versa.

    The pieces I wear in that outfit and some of the other stuff from those designers simply fit that mood. The pieces do not necessarily have to be within the same aesthetic, as SNS Herning has a very different aesthetic from Peir Wu or Dries Van Noten.

    One of the styles I appreciate is sharp cuts with a non-traditional silhouette. Those Ute Ploier pants are a pretty good example, with the roomy top block and shorter length. The Peir Wu bomber is another example with its straight lines and egg shape. I also pay attention to the fabrics and textures, and I find the contrast between the wool sleeves and the powernet (Peir Wu’s own technical fabric) body on the bomber interesting.



    Original WAYWT post here

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    What this looks like: Lone Starr’s brother's nephew's cousin's former tech-ninja roommate.

    “Space Beans?”

    “Space beans.” The man who owns your local coffee joint is nodding at you seriously. His transparent windbreaker rustles a bit as he hands you your cappuccino.

    “Think about it, man. Growing beans, free from the constraints of gravity and pollution. They’ll experience the purest soils; glorious, unadulterated cosmic rays. There are galaxies of taste out there, waiting to be French-pressed.”

    His enthusiasm is infectious. If anyone is going to grow coffee beans in outer space, it’ll be this guy. You can picture him now: itinerant spaceman, carefree coffee adventurer, answering to no one and nothing in his pursuit of the perfect cup.

    “How about Martian coffee?” you say, excitement building behind your bleary eyes. “It would be red. And awesome.”

    “We’re post-human, my dude, the only limit is our imagination.” He hands you your blueberry-açai granola muffin. “Space is the final frontier. And we’re going to caffeinate the shit out of it.”

    How would you describe your look? Is there a particular feeling you try to convey?

    Where I live, it's pretty warm most times, and layering options are limited. I try my best to look interesting without looking like a douche/tool... I'd describe my look as a bit of rock, bit of loungey streetwear, bit of luxe thrown together (and hoping it works)...

    I'm most comfortable in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to be honest. Just 1-2 years back I was sucked into the whole #menswear look, with bright colored trousers and penny loafers... pocket squares and the whole lot... it can be a good look, but I realized I was caught up in the hype. I never felt myself in those clothes... so back I went...

    I still wear a fair bit of CM stuff for formal occasions, but what I truly enjoy wearing is a nice blazer, jeans and a great pair of shoes/boots. My default look for day-day would be a light jacket/cardigan with a t-shirt and jeans/trousers. I'd swap that with a blazer for a night out. It's pretty simple for me really...



    Original WAYWT post here


    What this looks like: "Real gs move in silence like lasagna."

    “Of course, after I left the Royal Shakespearean Company, I traveled for a while before ending up here.” The man in charge of the fryers full of potatoes and haddock leans over the counter to collect your change before passing you a paper box stuffed with steaming fish and chips.

    “And now you work at a chip shop?” You stuff one into your mouth and inhale around it.

    “Something wrong with that?” You shake your head quickly. “Well, my PhD in chemistry has come in useful,” he explains. “I mean, come on – how delicious is that fry? Dame Helen Mirren once said some very un-dame-like things about them.”

    “Really delicious,” you say, mouth full of potato, “but still. No more acting? No more rocket science?” You notice that his white linen shirt is miraculously clean. Your shorts are already stained with grease spots.

    “Lockheed was fun,” he says, “but morally bankrupt. Fish and chips have taught me much more than theoretical physics ever did. Shakespeare comes close, but in terms of true insight into the human condition there’s no denying the poetry of a perfectly flaky piece of battered haddock.”

    The Goods:

    Shirt: Yoox Linen
    Tank: John Elliot
    Pants: Forme d’Expression
    Boots: Guidi

    You've gone from a shadowy figure of cult worship to, seemingly, an actual person wearing real clothes. Can you tell us how you achieved this remarkable metamorphosis, what your aim is when you get dressed in the morning, and - more importantly - how you stay so fresh?

    The switch from slang-loving thug shrouded in mystery to “real” member was a change that was forced on me by the disabling of thumb comments, but it’s one I've embraced. I really enjoyed writing my comments and reading the reactions to them, but every bit runs its course. I’m glad I could go out at the top of my game like MJ. I still don’t really post that much, but I’m glad to feel freed up to post fits. My aim when I get dressed is just to wear the things I like, which for me is usually simple and textured. To me, fresh is more than in the clothing; it’s a state of mind. Yeezy taught me that you can’t just look fresh, you gotta live fresh.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2013

  2. cyc wid it

    cyc wid it Senior member

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    Apr 2, 2011
    Bay Area, CA
    Nice as always Synthese.

    Also, if you rewind a few months: who would've thought you would see Stitches and Tcwalter together in a SW&D WAYWT related post.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2013

  3. UserName84

    UserName84 Senior member

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    Mar 23, 2008
    These are always fun to read, thanks Synthese!

  4. kindofyoung

    kindofyoung Senior member

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    Jan 30, 2012
    Uppsala, Sweden
    Banlieu 13 [​IMG]

  5. in stitches

    in stitches Kung Joo Moderator

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    Oct 10, 2010
    Colorado Rocky Mountains
    fantastic write up, synth. it was an honor to be included here. :blush:

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