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Aug 16, 2012
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Welcome to The Watch Appreciation Thread

This is where Styleforum's watch lovers discuss the best timepieces and talk about what we have, what is new, and what we want. Please join us to share about your own watches - baller or bargain - and discuss, opine or ask advice. This is officially the friendliest thread on Styleforum!


Yes. There is no minimum watch budget for entry! There is another thread that talks specifically about watches under $1000. But every watch is welcome here; come and talk about what yours means to you, whether it's budget or baller.
No. Members who sell stuff sometimes advertise a link in their signature, but there are no sales listings here. This is a discussion about watches. For sellers, check out the Buy and Sell.

No. See above, if you're a private seller. If you sell watches for a living, or regularly through your own site, then you can get your own thread and plenty of support by becoming a Styleforum Affiliate Vendor - send a private message to @LA Guy for further information.

From someone you can trust. Styleforum is not affiliated with any watch outlets. Most members buy privately, some use online sites likeeBay or Chrono24, and many recommend Watch Recon which aggregates sales advertisements from various private member watch forums. "Buy the seller" is good advice i.e. know who you're dealing with. Sometimes there's no substitute for walking into your local authorised retailer.

This is the thread's favourite question: tell us your budget and the kind of thing you like, and there will be plenty of advice. Take a look at these to whet your appetite: Keith's best sports watches under $1000, or DL's best dress watches under $5000.

Asking something or showing something is probably easiest. We know this thread can seem a bit clubby and insular but that's just because it's a genuinely friendly place - most members here don't actually know each other; we're just very easy to talk to. Yes, this is unusual in the internet world, but it's why we love this thread and hope you will join us. If you're not sure how to dive in, how about asking advice on your next purchase? Or just post a picture of your favourite watch, tell us about how you came to have it and why you like it. We all have our preferences and passions, but the fun is in the sharing - whatever watch you wear.

No. But you might want to use the "search" function, top right, and check previous posts and threads - it's quicker for you and gives you a chance to fine-tune your supplementary questions.

What do you think? According to general consensus in the thread: there are better watches, there are certainly more expensive watches, but these are very good watches. Rolex watches are not always the most lauded in their price range, especially at the higher (gold, platinum, jewelled models) prices. But most people seem to think that a steel Rolex is an excellent watch for the money.

A better question might be "is it right for you?". Consensus is rare - come and tell us what you think, and hear some other views.

Some see the Pano as clearly derivative of the Lange 1 and less desirable as a result. Others argue that both might draw on their shared heritage, and that some models of the Pano are sufficiently distinctive to have a design merit all of their own. Search the forum for previous discussions of this, and raise only if you are confident and thick-skinned!
T-WAT: acronym of thread title, see below
ALS: A Lange & Soehne
AP: Audemars Piguet
BM: Baume & Mercier
BR: Bell & Ross
BP: Blancpain
CW: Christopher Ward
FC: Frederique Constant
GP: Girard Perregaux
GO: Glashuette Original
GUB: Glashuette Uhrenbetrieber (precursor to GO)
FM: Franck Muller
JLC: Jaeger LeCoultre
OJ: Ochs and Junior
PF: Parmigiani Fleurier
PP: Patek Philippe
RW: Raymond Weil
UN: Ulysse Nardin
UG: Universal Geneve
VC: Vacheron Constantin
Yes it does. When you see people referring to each other as TheWAT bros, or the TheWAT community, this is why. The thread was originally called the "Watch Prawn" thread. But that led to some unfortunate quirks with search engines, and unwanted interest from seafood voyeurs. It also put our Jewish and vegan participation numbers right down. TheWAT was the way to go.
This thread was started by Greg - @gdl203 , a long time ago. He also invented an awesome clothing business. And the internet, and Thursday.
I am English and stubborn. But they asked me to write the FAQ so this is what you get. Get over it.

Please see the general FAQ section.
Then post it right here - that's what this thread is for and we'd love to meet you!
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Feb 2, 2016
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Would you like me to expand on my presentation mimo?


Pernicious Enabler
Aug 16, 2012
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Andy, I was on Muscat time at 0800ish, now briefly on Doha time, and back to UK time in a few hours.

Just trying on a Bulgari Octo chrono. Should I feel guilty for liking the Octo? And has anyone tried the slim platinum one?


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Oct 28, 2015
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Andy, I was on Muscat time at 0800ish, now briefly on Doha time, and back to UK time in a few hours.

Just trying on a Bulgari Octo chrono. Should I feel guilty for liking the Octo? And has anyone tried the slim platinum one?
Nice watch, another Genta design. Guy was a genius!

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