Charleston - where to stay?

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    My (pregnant) wife and I are looking to head down Memorial Day weekend. Don't know much about the city except it's a great food town and is by the water. A couple questions-

    - is it better to stay on the water like folly beach or should we stay downtown Charleston?

    - should we rent a car?

    We are an active couple that enjoy doing things rather than just lay on the beach (although enjoy that as well). Can someone give me the 40,000 foot view of Charleston?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I visited Charleston in the summer of 1999. It is South Carolina, so I don't think things have changed that much. :)

    I recommend staying in downtown Charleston, as it's a lovely and walkable city. I stayed in a B&B. I imagine that you may want a hotel with an elevator for your wife.

    I also recommend renting a car, because it will greatly open up your options on what you can do and see. Patriots Point is worth visiting, as are some of the plantations outside the city (Middleton Place, Magnolia, Boone Hall). I went in August, and touring some of the plantations felt like a death march in the heat. The weather for Memorial Day should be perfect for you, however.

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