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Using Gliptone on your leather jacket - recommended or not? From shoes to jackets

By LA Guy, Feb 1, 2016 | |
  1. Question: Anyone have experience with Gliptone? Someone said it left a somewhat sticky residue on their shoes, which seems strange since I think the product is mostly used on car seats? In any case, I'm thinking about using the conditioner on a cowhide leather jacket. Anyone have experience with the product?

    Answer: I just used Bick 4 on my leather jacket - worked great. Probably going to use it on my leather chair and the interior of my old BMW...

    Question (a followup): Does it have a scent? All the conditioners I've tried so far -- Allen Edmonds, Lexol, Saphir, Pecard, etc -- have a scent, which can be kind of strong if you use them on leather jackets.
    Someone told me that Gliptone has a scent, but it's the scent of new leather, which is why I'm considering switching.

    Answer (to the followup question): It has a light scent on application, but I just went and smelled the jacket - it smells like leather...

    Bick 4 is great stuff.

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