Question (first posted by @EViS): I have just returned from Florence, Italy, with two new pairs of leather Gucci shoes. One pair is a tan color whilst the other is brown with brown suede on the top part of the shoe.
From my research so far, I believe the leather used by Gucci is aniline (unfinished) and thus marks easily from water (a drop soaks in immediately).
Is there any way I can protect the leather from becoming damaged in the rain? If not, what is the best way to care for the shoes if they do get rained upon?

Answer 1 (posted by Nicki V): For preventative care, bring them to a local cobbler for sole guards. While you're there pick up a can of waterproof spray (non silicone) and some cream polish. Apply two light coats of waterproof let dry between coats. Then polish. This should help.

Answer 2 (posted by @Ziss): Suede should be treated with water proofing spray, and cleaned with a suede brush if you get stains. For stains that won't go away with the brush, use a suede soap. Brush in the soap with lukewarm water, then rinse. But don't rinse too much - the soap is actually nourishing for the suede. Let them dry in shoetrees in room temperature.
For the leather part, use a water based shoe cream or wax based polish. Cream nourishes the leather a bit better, polish gives more shine and is more water resistant. Don't use fat/oil.

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