Question (First posted by @furo): I recently picked up a nice RLPL brown leather jacket, made with 100% lambskin.
I notice the leather is extremely soft and buttery, but susceptible to scuffing.
Are there any secrets you guys use for this particular type of leather?
I applied an entire coat of the lexol neatsfoot blend to my jacket and contrary to the description on the bottle and the customer service reps, the jacket definitely darkened by a shade or even two.

Answer 1 (posted by @SkinnyGoomba): If you get a hanger with wide shoulders, that should solve the problem of discoloration on the shoulders, much like it does for sportcoats and suits.

Answer 2 (posted by @Twotone): Blue Magic spray leather cleaner (sold at auto supply places for leather cars seats) works well for removing discoloration that will inevitably happen around the cuffs and collar. Spray leather protector may help, but test it out on a hidden part of the jacket first. Don't worry too much about it and enjoy the character it will acquire over time from wearing it.

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