Question: Hey guys tips on keeping a pair of Balenciagas Arenas nice? Should I water proof them? I do not want to mess them up lol They're my most expensive/nicest pair of shoes. Also, on one pair it seems the shiny rubber became very very dull and not shiny, but the other one is fine and it looks weird have one shiny and one not.... Tips?? Thanks.

Answer: Yes, always water-proof, it will do no harm. If you want both shiny, you can either apply a shiny finish (my choice would be Angelus), or a good conditioning can bring a nice sheen as well (this will not last more than a few days though generally). If you want both dull, take a cotton ball or q-tip, dip it in nail polish remover and VERY LIGHTLY go over the whole upper of the shoe that is shiny, as this will remove the factory finish.
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