Q. I'm getting overwhelmed and would love some input:

  • getting married in July
  • not black tie
  • I will be wearing a midnight blue tuxedo
  • The fiancé's bridesmaids will be in a ballet pink (super light pink)

I am extremely conflicted in terms of what the groomsmen should wear?
would it be acceptable if they all wore their own black suits, white shirt and ill buy them each ballet pink ties (each tie slightly different)
all black suit, white shirt, black tie and boutonniere to match the bridal party?
have them rent a tux (i was thinking light grey or black tux)?



A. By @archibaldleach :

Welcome. What the bridesmaids are wearing should not in any way determine what the groomsmen wear (unless there is no other way to keep the peace with your fiancée in which case do what you have to do). If you are wearing a midnight blue tuxedo, you can either have your groomsmen buy or rent tuxedos as well or have them wear a suit. Navy would be the best color for their suits, followed by grey. The only reason I can think of to have them wear black suits is because they all own black suits already and don't own anything else, but otherwise black should be at the bottom of the list for suits. Otherwise, navy or grey. A tie in the grey range is great if they are wearing navy suits (wedding ties work nicely here) and something in blue works well if they are wearing grey suits. Most ties are not going to look good up against a black suit and white shirt. Pink will look horrible IMO with a black suit and a white shirt.

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