Q. I'm getting married in May 2016 in the evening. The picture you see below is from Jack Bunney in the UK, they make wonderful suits, however it would cost too much to rent this from them and I don't think I want to buy a burgundy tuxedo. The groomsmen will wear black jackets, pants, and vest. I will wear burgundy jacket and vest, however my first thought was to go with a black pants. I'd love to get your thoughts on whether I should wear black or burgundy pants. Also, if I wear black pants, should I change my bow tie to black and change the groomsmen bow ties to burgundy.

A1. By @random-adam :

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! If you wouldn't buy a burgundy tuxedo (a choice with which we'd agree), why would you get married in one?

A2. By @archibaldleach :

Ultimately what you wear is up to you but, in my opinion, the burgundy tuxedo is a terrible idea. I've seen on rare occasion a gent look distinguished in a tasteful colored velvet smoking jacket, but it's not the easiest thing in the world to pull off and may well look better on the model than it will on you. If you want to wear a colored jacket, I would stick to black formal trousers, black cummerbund and black bow tie. I wouldn't wear a waistcoat with a more casual jacket. Groomsmen should wear black ties no matter what. There's no reason for them to match their ties to your jacket.

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