Q. I just proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes so I started thinking about what to wear on the day of the wedding.
The wedding is going to be in the Winter so I was thinking about this combination:

-Navy midnight velvet blazer with black peak lapels, one button;
-Light grey flannel trousers with side adjusters and cuffs (I'm quite undecided on the cuffs. Classically
they would be without but what do you think?);
-White marcella shirt with stud buttons;
-Black bowtie (velvet or not?);
-Black patent leather oxford (I love oxfords, I loathe derbys).

Now I do realise that the flannel trousers are somewhat untypical and I was wondering
whether you would suggest something more traditional like classic black smoking trousers
with silk piping and suspenders buttons.

Thanks for your input.

A1. By @RogerC :

Congratulations. Marriage is a wonderful thing.

It seems to me you are mixing two dress lineages. 1: The black tie/smoking jacket one which comes from an era where men dressed for dinner, on the highly informal end of that spectrum (a velvet jacket would have only been worn in one's own home, if no guests were present). 2: the blazer and flannels rig, which stems from a navel background and was subsequently adopted of daytime sports. Either can work at a wedding in my view, but like custard and cheese, best enjoyed in separation.

A2. By @archibaldleach :

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. If you go with the velvet smoking jacket, I'd do it as a casual black tie ensemble with traditional black evening formal trousers and the marcella shirt. Otherwise, I'd wear a navy or charcoal suit, white shirt and tie with black oxfords. If you want to do a blazer and grey flannels look (a bit casual for a wedding), I'd get a nice traditional navy blazer and wear a plain white dress shirt. Keep the marcella shirt for black tie.

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