Q. Haven't been to a wedding since I was about 16. I'm a guest. Dress code is "formal". A relatively warm country. Would a double breasted sports coat (air force blue) with, perhaps, mid to light grey trousers be ok? I don't want to wear a suit, but was wondering if a double-breasted sports coat will appear strange at a wedding. I'm struggling as when I wear sportscoats in a casual setting it's often with jeans or in linen/cotton. This is a night time affair so I don't feel that cotton or linen will be appropriate. Most attendees will be dressed fairly casually, despite the prescribed dress code (it's Australia...).

A1. By @ImTheGroom :

I would ring the hostess and ask what she reckons the other blokes will be wearing. Formal means different things to different people, so best to check in. It will be appreciated that you cared enough to ask.

A2. By @archibaldleach :

This X 1,000. Asking the bride or groom is always a good plan when you are in doubt.

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