Jacket: Proper Cloth
Trousers: Rota at Shop the Finest
Shirt: The Armoury
Shoes: Meermin Mallorca
Belt: Allen Edmonds
Pocket Square: Exquisite Trimmings
Scarf: Skoaktiebolaget

What to Wear to a Casual Summer Wedding

When you know you don’t need to wear a suit (and you’ve checked, right? You’re certain?), you have the chance to try something a little more, well, fun. Especially if you have a summer wedding coming up, featuring a daytime ceremony, and open bar, and a packed dance floor. If that’s the case, give this a shot.

  • The Jacket
    It’s July, it’s hot, and you’re going to be sweaty no matter what. Linen (or cotton) keeps things breathable and lightweight, as will a fresco (or other loosely-woven) fabric. An unlined or quarter-lined jacket will add welcome relief, and you can certainly forego a waistcoat.

    Navy is always appropriate, but greens, wheats, and tans are also lovely summer colors.
  • The Shirt
    Linen/cotton blends feel nice and airy against the skin, but hold their shape a bit better than a pure linen shirt will - although we're certainly all for the latter. Go for something with a little life or texture - a subtle self-stripe will work just as well as a plain white shirt.
  • The Trousers
    Light colors are great for summer heat. Linen blends, cottons, or loosely-woven wools (seeing a pattern here?) will keep you from sweating in places you'd rather keep cool and dry.
  • The Shoes
    That's right - loafers. We did say this was a casual affair. But no driving moccasins, please - you still want a proper leather-soled shoe. If you can’t abide a loafer, give a pair of suede oxford or - gasp - monkstrap shoes a go. But if you’re going casual, avoid black.
  • The Square
    If you're foregoing a tie, a pocket square adds life and breaks up the solidity of your jacket. Although white linen is always appropriate, summery colors are a welcome change. If it's a casual event, you can afford to have a little fun - but do us a favor and keep things tasteful.
  • The Scarf
    Yes, it's summer, but nights can still get chilly. A lightweight silk scarf is a great accessory, and if you find you don't need it - perhaps your partner will be thankful to borrow it. Just remember to get it back!