Q.I am currently having a suit made. It is a dark grey suit with peak lapels and a single button. I will be wearing a double breasted vest underneath it, a very light blue shirt (white shirt wasnt allowed as my fiancee has an ivory dress, thank you wedding industry for that myth!) and will most likely go with a Hober wedding tie (non-stripes) or the glen plaid from Drake's. Shoes will be Carmina black oxford's.

I am marrying a wonderful Scottish girl and am looking to include some Scottish details. I have been able to find a mill in Scotland that has her family's tartan on hand. The tartan uses mostly red with blue and green details. It is a very bright coloured tartan that would definitely not be subtle.

My first thought was to have the back of the vest and the inside of the suit jacket made with the tartan. This would be subtle but would be a nice detail I could show off during the day.

Alternatively, I could have the whole vest made in the tartan, but like I said, this would then be the focus point of the suit due to the bright colour set.

My aim with all of this is to have a really traditional set-up. I enjoy following the traditional styling rules and I like that my suit will be muted and timeless.

With the above being said, I would love to hear your thoughts on how to best incorporate the family tartan.

A1. By @culverwood

I doubt they would weave in silk (or polyester type fabric) which the lining of the suit jacket needs to be as Scottish mills normally only weave wool, I would splash out and buy two waistcoats one restrained and the other in the tartan for when the dancing starts!

A2. By @Johnsson

If they only weave wool I used to have a jacket with a 1cm tartan wool border around the inner pockets rather than standard piping. That might be an option or you could consider doing the underside of the flaps or back collar.

A3. By @Veremund

Perhaps a bit of it made into a pocket pin. Or a button covered in a bit of the pattern and placed in the boutonnière?

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