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    Mar 10, 2002
    Hey Guys,

    I feel positive that I'm not the only surfer in the forum. If you don't surf try it sometime, it's better than sex.
    I was pittilin with my dad yesterday, scraping and patching some of the dings. We found a great way to make your board shine like the day you got it. Start off with getting all the wax off with a comb. Then take paint thinner-yes paint thinner and wipe down where the exist wax is that the comb did not pick up. Take a sponge, we used a big car sponge, wet it and wipe the rest of the paint thinner off. After this it sparkled like I could not imagine. But wait not done yet, we compounded it with turtle car compound, the one on the red can. I think today I'm going to wax the bottom, with car wax. The wax maybe overkill but stuff like this it therapeutic for me.

    Thought I would throw this one in


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