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HDTV's: Which Models/Techs Best for My Requirements?


Senior Member
May 1, 2008
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Hi, thanks for reading. So I'm keen to get an HDTV, having found it impossible to acquire a CRT Projector at a reasonable price (for its condition) in my area. But I really don't care for recent films, nor for HD Broadcast television, so my foremost concerns are that the set will display without artifacts, glitches, smearing, blurring or jitter all 480i NTSC material, as well as 25p PAL video, from my laserdiscs and DVD's. My LD player has an S-Video output as well as RCA, while I use my PC for DVD output (via DVI) at present due to the fantastic processing that's available with the various programs and plug-ins. Additionally, whereas I produce and edit a lot of video myself at 24p as well as 48p (possibly the new standard, getting familiar with it now) it's also necessary that the set should reproduce video at those rates without hiccups or drops. On the subject of 48p, I really don't know if any television set available in the US is intended to handle that sort of thing - but I mention it because it's a really nifty format and I'm very interested in working with it and watching it on something a bit more substantial than my monitor. So I suppose I'm looking for something that does upscaling rather well for the sake of my LD's, but can also handle the whole gamut of frame rates and interlacing impeccably, while somehow hooking up to my computer through my DVI-output videocard. The bigger the better, but I intend to sit as close as possible, so what matters even more than size is picture quality and lack of visible pixels/scanlines. I'm a "front row" sort of viewer, and prefer watching by my lonesome, so viewing angles aren't at all important either. Now, I know that plasma has better picture quality at the moment than does LCD, but if there's an LCD set out there that handles my sources and projects better than plasma might, then I'm content to go that route instead. Also, if there's a new tech aborning that trumps both, please do tell me to hold off my purchase until it's on the scene. That's all I can think of to ask for the moment, sorry for being both vague and verbose at once. Thanks again for reading, take care.
EDIT: Forgot to mention that I'm open to the idea of getting a digital projector (instead of CRT as I originally intended) provided that the bulbs have rather a long life, say 4k hours or more.


Senior Member
Jan 15, 2007
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Get a Pioneer Elite Kuro and be done with it.

Brian SD

Feb 5, 2004
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On the cheaper end, Samsung LCDs tend to do a pretty damn nice job of making SD feeds look good. But if money is not a concern, Pioneer plasmas are going to do what you want perfectly.

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