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shoe advice

  1. the best leg

    Does anyone know which brand still making shoe by using wood peg?

    I am looking for a MTO derby boots or balmoral boots, but I want a wood peg sole, or half wood pegged sole. But wood peged sole are very hard to find in those days, so does anyone know which brand still making shoes by wood pegs? Thank you.
  2. Ray Lee

    Keeping Shoe Boxes Or Not as Roaches Love them

    So I have a collection of shoes which I love and like to keep them inside their original shoe boxes which they came in (Don't know if anyone is similar). Since I live in a topical area I found that roaches is everywhere even if it's clean. As such they love to eat the shoe boxes as a food...
  3. A

    From a freshman: How to choose the right size of shoes?

    I have tried new shoes in store, and it realy hurts because of my high instep. And I also found that new shoes would be more comfortable and a little larger after putting a shoe tree in them. SO my question is How can I choose the right size for me? And How does it feel when I choose the right...
  4. Anthraxistaken

    Visvim Grizzly sizing?

    Brand new to sf so apologies if I’m in the wrong place, but does anyone have sizing advice on Grizzly’s? Found a good deal on a pair in 10, I’m a 10C on the Bannock, and tts in basically everything I have
  5. K

    What's your top 5 men's shoe style?

    Hey guys, Joseph from Australia here. I'm new to styleforum and its been an amazing experience soo far. I'm looking to launch a men's shoe brand by the end of this year and will launch with 5 shoe styles. I really want to involve members from styleforum throughout my journey. Any...
  6. steve1234

    Allen Edmonds stretched and creased after shoe trees

    I bought some Allen Edmonds and got some shoe trees to go with them. I got A.E. brand trees that the clerk picked out. After 4-5 months in the trees (I've only worn them twice) there is some serious creases in the at the heal. Is this normal? Can I fix it? I'm scared to put the trees back in...
  7. Z

    Shoe trees alternatives

    hello, recenlty i purchased a pair of Crockett and Jones Edgware oxfords in 6.5 UK from a dealer in my country, my problem is this dealer dont sell shoe trees for size 6.5 UK because this size in uncommon around here :confused2: i tried to add them a pair of shoe trees from my other shoes but...
  8. A

    Wardrobe for 1L Law Student (Shoes)

    Hiya, I'm a first-year law student in the U.S. who will be interviewing with firms (relatively large firms, for the most part standard business professional) for the summer in the near-to-mid future and am working on assembling a true professional wardrobe for the first time. Specifically I'm...
  9. H

    Shoe cream and wax recommendation for Barker Alfred Brown?

    I recently bought this pair of brogues from ebay: Sorry I am quite a newbie to the world of leather shoes. I am considering getting Wren's neutral transparent cream on amazon. As for the wax I am considering getting barkers wax, however I am confused of what colour to buy, because the shoe...
  10. D

    Di Biano vs Antonio Meccariello

    Hi, I am new to this forum and I am looking for suggestions for brown derby cost around $500. I found two pair, one from Anotonio Meccariello https://www.yeossal.com/collections/all/products/meccariello-aeris-derby-in-whiskey?variant=1167987343385 and one from Di Biano...
  11. suitforcourt

    2018 shoe revival challenge

    I have been a member of SF for a number of years now. My one particular interest is vintage shoes. Thanks to @davidVC and @smfdoc for leading the vintage shoe thread. For the thread's 2nd anniversary, I am proposing a shoe revival challenge. So pull out your brushes, cloths, conditioners, and...
  12. Coldfire3k3

    Versatile Saint Crispin's MTO Boots

    Gents, I have rather difficult to fit feet. For this reason I think St. Crispin's MTO program with the personal last option is perfect for me. I'm looking to get a pair of versatile boots and wanted some advice on selecting a suitable style, colour, leather and out-sole material. My...
  13. Stashu

    How to Protect/Store Suede Leather boots?

    What chemicals do you suggest? Should I leave them in the open or keep them in a box? Any suggestions are appreciated
  14. T

    Shoe Advice

    Hello styleforum members, I am soon finishing my A-levels so I'm in need of a new pair of shoes for my navy suit. I fell in love with Double Monkstrap shoe's first time I saw them so I just couldn't hold myself back and had to order them. Now I'm at the point where i have two alternative which...
  15. Stashu

    Cheep Casual Oxfords?

    Hey, im new this this site so sorry if im breaking any rules. im a big fan of the JOHNSTON & MURPHY McGuffey Nubuck Oxford Shoes, but they are out of my buget by about $50. Anyone got any alternatives?
  16. V

    Water marks on new brown leather shoes???

    Help!! So I wore these out on new years eve and it was snowy and wet out. The club required nice shoes so I wore these out in those conditions. I thought it wouldn't be an issue but the day after I realized it now has black like, water stains all over the shoe. How do I get rid of them? Does...
  17. blindwillie

    Which last is Crockett & Jones Leicester?

    Hi, Does anyone here know which last the Leicester from Crockett & Jones is built on? :)
  18. S

    Waxed leather shoe: care and suitable?

    Hi all Can I get your thoughts on these shoes please. I’m looking for something to wear with chinos and possibly formal trousers to work on wet days. They’re Goodyear welted with a rubber sole. The leather is labelled as ‘crazy horse’ and slightly rough-ish to the touch. I’ve done a lot of...
  19. ThomGault

    How much shoe width size will thick socks occupy?

    (Cross posted from the Vass thread): How much quantifiable width difference should a thick pair of socks make v. a thin pair of socks? I tried on a pair of Vass with thin socks (Gold Toe 'Metropolitan'), but the facings start to overlap; when I switched to a thick pair of socks (Gold Toe...
  20. L

    Shoe Advice

    Hello folks, I'm a pretty serious novice when it comes to dress clothes, so I'm hoping for some advice. I'm a high school teacher and I move around a lot, so I'm typically a $20 khakis and sneakers guy, but I'm moving to a different country where fashion is a little more important, so I've...

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