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Luxire Custom Clothing - Official Affiliate Thread

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Luxire is a journey to bring together some of the best artisans from around the world to create clothing that is beautiful, expertly constructed, and withstands the test of time.


Using time-tested techniques, both traditional and modern, we make clothes that are comfortable, fit perfectly, and a pleasure to wear every time.


There are no standard or "boxed" processes. We love to hear from our customers and make them what they need, the way they need it.  We have created a bespoke process for making clothes the way you like them.


You can send us images of a particular collar you like or have the cuff made to a particular level of softness.You can also send us shirts / pants / coats / jackets that you would like replicated.


Each item starts with a pattern that is made only for you. It is made to your measurements and style specifications. It is made entirely by hand by our expert pattern masters. It has your name written on it.


The fabric is laid on the cutting table and cut to match the fabric pattern at every place. The garment is stitched by expert tailors who make sure each and every measurement matches exactly.


At Luxire, we do not have a "tolerance level" for measurements. Each item is made to the exact measurements provided.


Each trim that goes into the garment is the best in the world, the linings, the thread, the buttons are selected from the very best. Our shirt buttons are thick mother of pearl, the buttons for pants, jackets, and coats are all horn.


Please give us an opportunity to serve you. Visit


We have a limited collection of items on the website. If you need something that you cannot find on the website, do contact us.


Let your imaginations take over.


...Somewhere inside of us, we have a designer who has been in a comma forever. Decades ago, when people had easy access to tailors, they would discuss their own personal requirements and develop personal solutions. These individual solutions then became global trends which we still follow. We, at Luxire, are reawakening that, sleeping designer in each of us.  Who knows what it will bring the world. 


Some of our recent creations are below in this thread.


Thank you for your time and consideration.  We look forward to serving you.


The Luxire Team




Overcoat made in Molloy Blue tweed

Boxer shorts

Noragi shirt

Tweed Loafers

Bullet-proof rivets: 100% Copper - Luxire Jeans


Linen Safari Jacket

Black Bowling Bag

Shirt in Dark Indigo Denim Chambray


Grey Knitted Pique

Denim Shirt with Heavy Wash

Indigo chambray with custom wash


Linen Houndstooth Tie

Custom made suit

Luxire Peacoat

Leather trimmed Holdall Bags


Pants in Minnis Fresco

Pants in Holland Sherry Tweed


Portfolio Bag


Sashiko jacket


Duffle Coat


Custom made selvedge jeans

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Welcome to the forum. I bought a test shirt, wrote about it on my website, and plan to purchase more. Will probably go for that red gingham next.
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Looks like quality shirts. I will add this to my wishlist of custom shirts to try icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Originally Posted by CruzAzul View Post

Welcome to the forum. I bought a test shirt, wrote about it on my website, and plan to purchase more. Will probably go for that red gingham next.

Thank you CruzAzul.

Nicely written review that is.

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Can you offer free shipping to Australia also?
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Originally Posted by pasey25 View Post

Can you offer free shipping to Australia also?


Our current Fedex rates to Australia is more than twice that to US / Canada.


Have thus added an option for Free Shipping on purchase of $100.



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I'm on my honeymoon on the way from Milan to Venice, but thought I'd mention that I've placed a couple orders and have been very satisfied with the shirts and customer service. I wrote more and posted pics in the folded shirt pron thread, starting here.

Best value for shirts that I'm aware of. Just make sure you get your measurements right. And as usual with mtm or custom, order one or two first.
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Second wearing of Luxire in Goetzner (sp?) fabric. Very soft, seems well-constructed, no shrinkage. Some minor adjustments for next shirts, but very happy in general.
My Luxire (Click to show)
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Added a new set of fabrics today.


Includes few classic oxfords, some old style plaids, checks and ginghams.


Some nice new evening blacks too.







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Nice Shirts

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Some unique creations this week.


Contrast Collar and 2-Button Cuffs. Unfused. 


The Unflappable: Stiff Collar with Hidden Buttons.


In the Comfort zone: Navy Chambray, 2 pockets, Soft, Button-down collar.

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Ordered a extra slim fit but have to return it as the armholes are too small.

But I must say that the workmanship is top notch! $60 including shipping to Canada is irresistable, after you see the shirt they made.
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Ya, their shirts are really well made. And they're working on making pants too. I'll post more when I receive a test pair they've sent me.
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Thank you Lexmann and Emptym.

We are glad that the quality is liked.



We have had some interesting shirts made over the last few days. Also, the first set of trousers went out this week.


Two-tone-black-evening1.jpg  Black-blue-stripes.jpg  Blue-green-stripes-oxford.jpgClassic_OCBD.jpg

The Two-tone Black has black threads through the warp and maroon threads through the weft. Its subtle shine and multiple tones really stand out in the evening. A very rich fabric.


The Black with Blue stripes has a beautiful shine to it and is also superb for the evening. This shirt was made with french cuffs and can be paired with some interesting cufflinks to shine at a party.

The collar on both the shirts above are fused.


The Green-Blue stripes summer oxford: After I bought this fabric, was very anxious for its delivery as I thought it was really beautiful. Can be made as a dress shirt or casual. Extremely comfortable.  This one was made unfused, button-down but was photographed before attaching the buttons.


The Classic Blue Oxford is probably as good as OCBDs get these days. 2 Ply Italian Oxford, 4mm thick MOP buttons and the classic oxford roll.

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