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Mar 1, 2011
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Brogue Warriors PT Boot landed today and I am a fan. A really sleek make that gets me back into Trubalance and neocork. Also fills a hole for me.......

View attachment 1873086 View attachment 1873087 View attachment 1873088

Always a great day when the Green Box lands. One of the few things to make it better is when two lands. These really cool Davis Boots from Yenni landed via @Hisheirness23. I've dealt with him before and he never disappoints....

View attachment 1873089 View attachment 1873090

Anyone paying attention knows that I'm in the camp of not sweating the minor stuff when it comes to Alden's rapidly increasing descent into sub-par quality but these boots, as well as some other things, is a little tough to stomach. But this is not just an issue with Alden but the retailer as well. First, a story. A couple of months ago Yenni reached out to me and advised that a very special pair of rares had my name on them but after inspection, the finish was not up to snuff. She voluntarily offered me a $100 off if I still wanted them. I accepted. It took me 5 minutes of intense inspection to find the flaw and I have not noticed it once since wearing them. I've had Adam do the same. I've never received a pair of footwear from Adam where there was a flaw that I didn't know about before they showed up.

Now to these. I did not take a before pic but as soon as I pulled them, as my dearly departed mother would say, Ray Charles could see the uneven finish. The toe of the left boot was a shade of grey that just jumped out at you. It was my hope that a few coats of black polish/cream would do the trick but after 30 minutes, nothing seemed to stick. Fortunately (or not) I have some black dye lying around so I added a really light coat on the defect. If you look really carefully you can see it on the left toe but at least now the uneven is two shades of black rather than getting my Raiders on with black and silver. Well, just like I said a couple of weeks ago my tolerance stops with ripped shell. It also stops when I have to dye my new shells. I mean, c'mon man. That's just over the top.

But I really like the boots and I'm ok with how they turned out. Should have never left the shop. Should have never been shipped to me. But all's well that ends well.

Happy New Year gang! I don't have much of an online presence and I truly enjoy my interactions with my fellow shoe sicko's.
So sorry to hear this WE shouldn't have to try and "correct" issues that should not have been there in the first place...BTW DAVIS boots are the bomb!


Distinguished Member
Jan 10, 2009
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If you're a 8, 9, or 9.5, you're in luck:

Thanks for posting. Yes, they are close but, unfortunately, I wear 11.5D.


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Apr 4, 2017
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Happy New Year my friends!!!


The Mayor of Aldensville
Apr 5, 2013
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2022 Cover.jpeg

Wow, I cannot believe that it is already time for 2022 to come to a close. This year has been truly remarkable featuring some truly special shells and shoes that I could have never imagined receiving! 2022 largely saw life return back to more of a normal, but this was anything but a normal year from a shoe perspective!

Thinking about 2022 through the Alden lens, it was a remarkable year with new shades of Shell Cordovan being made and even new product lines! This year, we saw Alden continue to produce remarkable Color #4 models along with re-introducing Amaretto Shell Cordovan. Alden continued to put out magical models in every other shade of Shell Cordovan including Ravello and Color #8. I continued to refine and grow my Suede collection with more Milkshake and a new Choco Suede. We also saw Alden release their first bi-fold wallet, in recent history, in nothing other than Cigar Shell Cordovan. Finally, we had a new shade of Shell Cordovan come out of Alden and one that I would have never seen coming, Antique Bronze.

I rounded out the year with a few pairs from Edward Green, Viberg, and Rancourt.

In the order that I received the pairs this year, here is what I was blessed to have received.
  • Alden Ravello Shell Cordovan Atom Blutcher (Style by Blain)
  • Alden Milkshake Suede Atom Blucher (Ealdwine)
  • Edward Green Color #4 Shell Cordovan Cap Toe Blucher (Gentlemen’s Footwear)
  • Viberg Bourbon Shell Cordovan Service Boots
  • Alden Color #4 Shell Cordovan LHS (Alden of Washington D.C.)
  • Alden Ravello Shell Cordovan Jumper Boot (Brick + Mortar Seattle)
  • Alden Antique Bronze Shell Cordovan Jumper Boot (Alden)
  • Alden Cigar Shell Cordovan Bi-Fold Wallet (Alden of New York (Madison))
  • Alden Amaretto Shell Cordovan Jumper Boot (Alden of New York (Madison))
  • Alden Color #4 Shell Cordovan Grant-lasted Wingtip Boot (Alden of Washington D.C.)
  • Alden Color #8 Shell Cordovan Unlined Dover Blucher (Brick + Mortar Seattle)
  • Akden Chocolate Suede V-Tip Boots (Brick + Mortar Seattle)
  • Alden Milkshake Suede Unlined Tassel Loafers (Alden of New York (Madison))
  • Alden Amaretto Shell Cordovan Wingtip Boots (Style by Blain)
  • Rancourt Natural Shell Cordovan Horse-Bit Loafers (Leffot)
  • Alden Mahogany Shell Cordovan Wingtip Balmoral (AF-2) (Alden of Carmel)
2022 New Additions - 1.jpeg

2022 New Additions - 2.jpeg

2022 New Additions - 3.jpeg

2022 New Additions - 4.jpeg

2022 New Additions - 5.jpeg

2022 New Additions - 6.jpeg

2022 New Additions - 7.jpeg

2022 New Additions - 8.jpeg

2022 New Additions - 9.jpeg

2022 New Additions - 10.jpeg

2022 New Additions - 11.jpeg

2022 New Additions - 12.jpeg

2022 New Additions - 13.jpeg

2022 New Additions - 14.jpeg

2022 New Additions - 15.jpeg

2022 New Additions - 16.jpeg

Cheers and Happy New Years Gents!


The Mayor of Aldensville
Apr 5, 2013
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2023 Cover.jpeg

Gentlemen, the time is here!!! The 2023 Official Alden Thread is now created. Look forward to another amazing year with you all!

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