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Discussion in 'Streetwear and Denim' started by oldfrump, Apr 13, 2016.

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    I arrived home today to find these on the front porch:


    This was a surprise as they arrived a day short of seven weeks from the order date - rather a good deal less than the 12 to 14 weeks promised.

    Russell Moccasin calls these the "Sporting Clay" model, although what connection they have with the shooting arts is not apparent to me. The color is "Chocolate", and is very dark, very rich. The image above is fairly accurate. It is a beautiful leather, fairly thick but very supple right out of the box. Here is another, better image of the shoe, but the color rendition is unfortunately off, making them appear charcoal or black:


    Note that they came with flat cotton laces as well as a pair of round nylon laces.

    This style looks very chunky on Russell's website, but it is not at all so on the foot. I choose the Vibram 2060 sole, an old favorite of mine, and it does not look out of proportion in the least. The 2060 is very flexible, and of course these are moccasins anyway, so the shoe is very, very light, flexible, and immediately comfortable.

    I bought these for everyday casual wear and light work - mowing the lawn, working in the shop, etc., so I did not sweat the details. However, I think this color would be a knockout with an oak leather insole.

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