Japan's immigration control; Gulag for gaijin

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    Japan's immigration control; Gulag for gaijin

    There's a lot to this mans story we don't know... it's sensationalist and dubious, clear gaps to background story exist and he sounds like a dick--but even assuming his story isn't true, there exist other troubling Amnesty accounts. And from them one thing is clear: Japanese Immigration legally exist in a gray area, act with absolute autonomy, total indemnity, and bad elements can shake people down for money with impunity.

    Realistically, all of it is probably a normal activity at entry/exit points in other countries; just shocking Japan isn't immune.

    EDIT: The more I read the more I think this guys story is 99% bullshit. If anything, the story is a warning to always have a working VISA status or else. But who doesn't know that? What I did find interesting is that some of the comments claim VISA runs to Korea aren't working anymore or stop working after doing it so many times in a row....
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