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I’m so confused

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by Nektopoli, Nov 15, 2003.

  1. HeyYouItsMike

    HeyYouItsMike Well-Known Member

    Oct 18, 2004
    (MilanoStyle @ 21 Oct. 2004, 12:51)
    i am wondering, in general, how the zegna, corneliani, boss, and armani shapes would be desribed
    I have never experienced corneliani, so I cannot talk about it. zegna usually have softer padded shoulder and chest than Canali. Â Zegna's shoulder line is more slented than Canali. Canali's shoulders are real stright. Â I don't know why. Â But if you find fabric that drapes well, shoulders can look quite good. Boss, they used to make suits real boxy like canadian made suits, but I think they fixed that this season. Â New suits are very italian cut. Armani has the most room in shoulders. Â It creates very soft and round drapes all over. Â If you are muscular and have big shoulders, and do not mind fused suit, then Armani is for you.
    I agree with everything MilanoStyle says except his comments regarding muscular shoulders and Armani. I have wide, muscular shoulders and a significant drop at 9-10 inches depending on the jacket and Armani never fits - if the shoulder is too wide for the chest and the end result is comical with a wide flaring skirt on the jacket. I think Armani only really looks good on terribly thin men or wider shouldered men with relatively shallow chests - if you're at all barrell chested, forget it. Â
    I agree with this 100% as I have pretty broad shoulders and a semi-barrel chest. I look like a member of Gotti's crew in Armani and most Italian suits. I should actually go to a store and try on some and take pictures so you people can laugh. I'm a 40R in most American suits, and many Italian suits in 42R are way too tight around my shoulders and chest. I did try on an Oxxford yesterday in 41R and it fit my body exactly, would have just needed to shorten the sleeves a bit.

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