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  1. Chris19788

    Help me find this tie please

    Hey everyone, Probably the biggest long shot in the world but I’ve seen this tie on one of my favourite shows and I must have it. If anyone knows who made it or the style of pattern I will be forever grateful. 🙏
  2. Tempoo

    Looking for a specific kind of suit fabric

    I'm looking to purchase my first serious suit. I don't know much about suits but I do know that I tend to like ones similar to those I posted down here. It seems to me that all of those suits have the same fabric, and so I figured that if I could find which kind material they're made of I could...
  3. D

    Advice on selling high end suits, and jackets.

    Hi, my name is Dan, and I work for a pretty high file boss, so, needless to say, he spends a lot of money on high end designer clothing. Well, a lot of that clothing, he doesn’t end up wearing, or ends up only wearing it once or so. I end up with a lot of the stuff, and mostly, I usually turn to...
  4. I

    The mystery of the vanishing belt loops

    Hi, This is a post about suits. For as long as I've worn suits to work, I've observed that the belt loops on the back of my trousers get worn down very badly. See here: In fact, this is usually the first thing to go on a new suit. Sometimes in the first year. I am thinking of spending some...
  5. hnik33

    How to buy suits when jacket size and trouser size

    Hi Styleforum, I went to Saks looking for nicer suits than the normal Charles Tyrwhitt suits I buy. However, the jacket sizes all match the trouser sizes. So for example the 44L Jacket has a 44 waist Trouser. However there’s a 6 inch delta between my chest and my trouser size (44L jacket fits...
  6. S

    Green suit - shoes and tie

    Hi guys! I want your opinion on something. Next month i will have an event and i want to wear a green suit (emerald i think). I chose a 3-piece suit but with two vests, one the same color as the suit and one brown (i’m not sure which one to wear) Can you give me some advice on what color shoes...
  7. S

    First Time Daily Suit Advice For A Pale Guy

    Hi all, so I’m kinda in a pickle. I’ve recently been hired for a job which requires the daily wearing of suits. Problem is before now I’ve never worn a suit or anything more than board shorts and T-shirt’s really. I’ve gone ahead and bought myself two suits to start off with, one black and the...
  8. EzraPaul

    Roger Stone's attire

    I wrote a piece about Roger Stone's attire that I thought the SF community might enjoy... I regularly get requests to do write-ups on the attire of public figures. Lately, one person in general has dominated the request line – infamous political strategist and recently indicted peacock...
  9. Fishbone

    Storing suits

    Hello everyone, I am wondering what you would recommend for storing suits longterm if you cannot hang them up. I plan on putting my suits in a box for 15 months as I will be going away for a while. The suits are made of 100%wool, natural fabrics. How should I fold them? how tight should it be...
  10. Cleav

    . Steed. Porter & Harding-Glorious Twelfth. Made to Measure Suit

    Loosely a 42 R. Should you require exact measurements then fire off a PM. No reasonable offer refused. This has only been worn a couple of times (please see @ignoreatyourperil on Instagram) and is practically NWOT, Steed of Saville Row suit carrier of course included.
  11. Fishbone

    Aviation school: What to wear and bring

    Hello fellow style enthusiasts. I searched a little but I could not find an answer. I am going for Aviation school to become a pilot, the course is for 11 months or above. I love suits and traditional mens wear, I am from Japan so it is quite normal to wear suits and traditional menswear here...
  12. Wedding Suits Direct

    Wedding Suits Direct - Men's Wedding Waistcoat Style Tips

    HOW TO WEAR A VEST CASUALLY Although I’m not a huge proponent of following the rules of style to the letter, there are certain rules and/or traditions that I like to adhere to. One of those traditions is always leaving the bottom button of your waistcoat undone. Like always having one button...
  13. Men's Vintage & Modern Suits

    Men's Vintage & Modern Suits

  14. S

    Suits and bad weather

    I've started wearing suits to work this year and need advice on how to wear them during rainy weather/fall season. I currently just use an umbrella, but as it gets colder, what's your advice? Do I get a trench? How about in the winter?
  15. ScatterBrains

    suits, 2pc, 3pc, who's who, bang for buck?

    Hey Folks, I haven't worn a suit in ooooohhhhh 20 years. I have picked up some good footwear formal shoes, but as I've started dropping some weight, with more to come off, I'm finding myself becoming more and more outgoing, and wanting to go out to the evening events...(think symphony / opera/...
  16. stifler


    Beautiful staple solid navy Isaia Sanita model suits in any size available. Price is $1,100 and price includes shipping w/in CONUS and full insurance. Please let me know if you have any questions Notch Lapels Flap Pockets Dual Vents Pick Stitching Unfinished Sleeves Full Canvas Construction...
  17. JJ Katz

    Responding to "the suit died for good reasons"

    A recently posted article on “Die Workwear” argues that “The suit died but for good reasons”. I think it is one of the clearer expositions of the currently predominant thinking about the meaning and symbolism of ‘traditional’ clothing. I happen to disagree quite strongly with it. It’s not too...
  18. T

    Italian suit manufacturers

    Hello Everyone, Wondering if anyone can help with some high-level Italian and/or French manufacturers or tailoring houses for MTM third-party and private label brands. I’m looking to upgrade my current offerings. As of today my 2-piece suits for men & women are entirely handmade, full...
  19. H

    Thom Browne Size 3 Suits

    Classic Medium Grey Suit (Jacket + Pants) in Classic Fit Size 3. Suit has been worn 5 times and is in excellent condition. PM me for additional photos. Have extra trouser and shorts for sale. Please PM For me info Also avaliable: Thom Browne High Armhole Sz3 Suit (Brand New with Tag) Classic...
  20. PeterMinkoff

    Corporate photoshoot outfit

    Hi guys, I'm having a corporate photoshoot next week in style like this: http://www.edgephotographygc.com/corporate-headshots.html Do you think I should keep it formal or smart-casual? I scrolling through Pinterest for inspo: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/439804719833541584/?lp=true Any...

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