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suits advice

  1. Belvedere

    Bespoke & morning dress (London)

    Hello, this is my inaugural post so I'll jump straight in! I'm looking to buy morning dress for the first time, so (given it's probably a one-time purchase) I should try and go bespoke. Given my price range, the best options I'm aware of seem to be Cad & the Dandy, and King & Allen (both...
  2. Marko1001

    Should I wear suits and ties?

    Should I as a teenager wear suit and tie more that often. Or is it weird for teens to wear formal chlotes? Here is me wearing my first suit.
  3. Tempoo

    Looking for a specific kind of suit fabric

    I'm looking to purchase my first serious suit. I don't know much about suits but I do know that I tend to like ones similar to those I posted down here. It seems to me that all of those suits have the same fabric, and so I figured that if I could find which kind material they're made of I could...
  4. M

    Suit pant fit advice

    These are the SuitSupply Lazio in a 42S. https://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/lazio_classic/lazio-navy-suit/P5538I.html I have broad shoulders and had to get the 42S instead of the 40S which had better fitting pants. Thus I had to get the pants brought in by a substantial amount. After...
  5. I

    The mystery of the vanishing belt loops

    Hi, This is a post about suits. For as long as I've worn suits to work, I've observed that the belt loops on the back of my trousers get worn down very badly. See here: In fact, this is usually the first thing to go on a new suit. Sometimes in the first year. I am thinking of spending some...
  6. S

    First Time Daily Suit Advice For A Pale Guy

    Hi all, so I’m kinda in a pickle. I’ve recently been hired for a job which requires the daily wearing of suits. Problem is before now I’ve never worn a suit or anything more than board shorts and T-shirt’s really. I’ve gone ahead and bought myself two suits to start off with, one black and the...
  7. Z

    Suit Fit Opinions

    Gents, Recently purchased Suitsupply Jort suit. I had the trousers tapered and hemmed (clearly not enough) and the waist of the jacket taken in. What additional alterations would you recommend to the jacket and trousers so the suit is proportional? Taper the sleeves? Shorten the sleeves (the...
  8. S

    Suits and bad weather

    I've started wearing suits to work this year and need advice on how to wear them during rainy weather/fall season. I currently just use an umbrella, but as it gets colder, what's your advice? Do I get a trench? How about in the winter?
  9. T

    Italian suit manufacturers

    Hello Everyone, Wondering if anyone can help with some high-level Italian and/or French manufacturers or tailoring houses for MTM third-party and private label brands. I’m looking to upgrade my current offerings. As of today my 2-piece suits for men & women are entirely handmade, full...
  10. D

    Do these two jackets fit? (advice for a novice)

    Was curious if you guys felt these two jackets fit. If not, what's wrong with them? I started reading some online and got in my own head about shoulder divots and such. Not sure if these are bad, acceptable, good, or should be replaced. I'm a bit ignorant with all this, so figured I'd go to the...
  11. K

    Which suit looks best?

    I'm going to a wedding in about a months time and I was wondering if people could help me choose which suit looks best. So I have found these 2 suits and was wondering which one people prefer. If you have any other suggestions, please list them too. 1)...

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