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shoe sizing

  1. A

    Tricker's size and fit compared to other makers

    I know for certain that Tricker's 4497S and 4444 lasts in UK7 fit me well (unless made from Olivvia leather). However, converting to other brands is far from straightforward. To begin with, my foot size is 265mm which is according to Tricker's own chart is UK8.5! I know there are people who...
  2. ThomGault

    How much shoe width size will thick socks occupy?

    (Cross posted from the Vass thread): How much quantifiable width difference should a thick pair of socks make v. a thin pair of socks? I tried on a pair of Vass with thin socks (Gold Toe 'Metropolitan'), but the facings start to overlap; when I switched to a thick pair of socks (Gold Toe...
  3. P

    Question on Allen Edmonds sizing

    Hi guys, I plan on buying myself a pair of AE. Funny thing is, I always thought I was US size 9, and its the size I've been wearing with most other brands since forever. (From running shoes to boots I've always worn size 9) Today I went into AE store and the clerk said I was size 7.5 in their...
  4. Allen Edmonds: Comprehensive Sizing Guide

    Allen Edmonds: Comprehensive Sizing Guide

  5. mdubs

    The Official Alden Thread for 2017 - Share Reviews, Sizing, Advice, and Photos.

    Gentlemen, welcome to the Official Alden Thread for 2017. This thread is the continuation of the long running Official Alden Thread and the subsequent annual threads. This thread is intended to provide an environment to share information, enthusiasm, and pictures about Alden Shoes; ask questions...
  6. SoleFreak

    Why the sore feet in my dress shoes??

    Hi Guys, So I ask the question, why are my feet always very sore after a days work in whatever dress shoe I wear? I currently rotate 2 pairs of Hugo Boss shoes (oxfords and derbys) and a pair of Cheaney oxfords with a Dainite sole. Also own a pair of Handgrade C&J's which I haven't worn yet...
  7. robert123

    Perfect fix one foot smaller than other boots

    Just made an account so I could share this. Had been looking for a fix to extra room in the heel of my boots. Just got Saint Laurent ranger boots so I wasn't about to use any adhesive tongue pads. Looked at equine gel cushions and thought man I should just use a running sock and basically thats...
  8. culverwood

    J FitzPatrick Appreciation Thread

    Laurelhurst by J FitzPatrick with polished toe area by Justin FitzPatrick (The Shoe Snob) At £305 I think these are not bad value and fill one of the few holes left in my shoe wardrobe.
  9. k4lnamja

    What constitutes of a shoe that is too big?

    Obviously, every shoe maker will have different lasts/styles for each shoe. I recently purchased a pair and when I "shove" my foot in all the way in order to have my toes touch the front part of the shoe, there is a small gap near the heels of my feet. Does this mean my shoe is too...
  10. Papa Doble

    Shoe crease causing pain

    (I saw some old threads on this topic and chose to start a new one rather than bump an old one.) Some Allen Edmonds Park Avenues I've worn approximately 10 times have developed a crease that presses on the joint/knuckle of my big toe -- mainly on one foot, and to a lesser degree on the other...
  11. cartoonhead

    How to wear boots that are too large?

    I purchased some boots online and they arrived today. To my dismay, the size I am usually comfortable in is too big when it comes to this boot. I'm wondering what tricks I could use to make it more wearable? I've tried double layering my socks and putting folded tissue paper at the back of...
  12. kitonotik

    Difference between 10.5D sizing and 10W

    Hello all, Just had a question regarding the difference in shoe sizing overall. I was recently at nordstrom buying a pair of allen edmonds shoes in a size 10.5D which fit perfectly. However, I saw another pair of shoes that I also liked but they didn't have, 10.5D, I asked for a 10W (10 3E...
  13. rmr2122

    Alden Indy Boot Fit/Sizing Question

    Just picked up a pair of Indy boots and I'm second guessing my size choice a little. I'm usually somewhere between 8.5 and 9, bought an 8.5E boot. I can't decide if it feels a little big and clunky or if it's just new and stiff. They didn't have a pair in 8E that I could try on but the salesman...
  14. luk-cha

    The Ultimate Vass (Footwear) Thread (Pictures, reviews, sizing, etc...)

    here's some of mine now show me yours
  15. jdbob

    Agonizing over 1/2 size when buying shoes - - Pointless?

    I bought a few pairs of shoes this week and, as I often find myself doing, I agonize over 1/2 sizes. One is slightly more snug, but will give and break in, the other will be slightly looser. I can never make a choice that I am 100% happy with. I always wonder if I should have gotten the other...
  16. empyre.01d2

    My favorite shoes are 1/2 size too large. What can I do?

    My favorite pair of shoes, ones that I purchased blindly online through a private seller, are about 1/2 size too large. Is there anything I can do to help minimize this? To be more specific, they are a bit too long. My foot has a bit of wiggle room, which I find very annoying. I can live with...
  17. Chris "Italia"

    Enzo Bonafe Handmade Shoes.

    http://www.enzobonafe.com/index_en.html Magnificent shoes.
  18. Joel_Cairo

    weird shoe sizing on J. Crew's website: "h-m" or "m"??

    I've always liked this Red Wing workboot luberjack kinda thing, but less the sneakerish white sole: Seems J. Crew as saved my day: however, does anybody know what it means when sizing options include "h-m" "and"m", as opposed to the normal, god-fearing D, E, etc...
  19. mrphrog

    Size of sneakers vs dress shoes

    I wonder how shoe sizes are measured. I wear US size 9 for my Nikes but my dress shoes are 1 size down. Is it just me or sneakers are just sized differently than dress shoes in general? I've been quite reluctant to buy shoes online because of this. Any one has similar experience?
  20. A

    Red Wing sizing?

    I just got a pair of 953s and they seem a bit (maybe half a size?) large. Is this normal? I'm not sure if I should go through the trouble of trying to exchange them or not.

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