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shoe maintenance

  1. suitforcourt

    2018 shoe revival challenge

    I have been a member of SF for a number of years now. My one particular interest is vintage shoes. Thanks to @davidVC and @smfdoc for leading the vintage shoe thread. For the thread's 2nd anniversary, I am proposing a shoe revival challenge. So pull out your brushes, cloths, conditioners, and...
  2. Stashu

    How to Protect/Store Suede Leather boots?

    What chemicals do you suggest? Should I leave them in the open or keep them in a box? Any suggestions are appreciated
  3. S

    Embedded Toe Taps in Chicago?

    Hi Everyone, I have a couple of leather-soled shoes that will need new soles shortly and want to know where I can have embedded toe taps installed in Chicago. I have had toe taps installed at Brooks Shoe Service but those were nailed on top of the existing leather soles for whatever reason...
  4. A

    Spit Polish With Neutral Wax?

    Let's say I have a black pair of dress shoes that I first polish with black cream polish. Can I use a neutral wax on the toe cap to achieve a high-gloss spit shine? Or must I use a black-pigmented wax? Does the same apply for brown leather dress shoes? Can I use a neutral wax on top of a brown...
  5. All About Shoe Care

    All About Shoe Care

  6. LA Guy

    What does it mean to Relast a shoe?

    Question: When you say "relast" do you mean they reshape the upper to original? Answer: They put the shoe on its original last while they remove and repair the outsole. This is a movie of the process at Allen Edmonds. Will be very similar at Alden...
  7. Buddyboy1

    What solvent will soften or thin shoe polish?

    It is commonly known that shoe polish contains petroleum solvents. Over time, even in a closed tin, the solvents evaporate leaving even a hardly used tin with lumpy dry polish. Can I add some solvent back into it which will, with a little heat, rejuvenate it? If so, what is the best solvent...
  8. bkhahn

    When to resole/recraft Allen Edmonds?

    I have a pair of Allen Edmonds that are starting to show some wear on both the bottom of the sole as well as beginning to crack/separate along the edge. At what point should you get a shoe resoled? Is it time for this pair to get recrafted? Sole wear. Sole wear. Toe is beginning to...
  9. shekkery

    Shoe Shining a Cognac Shoe? Not sure where to begin ...

    I recently bought this shoe -- http://www.buy.com/prod/stacy-adams-men-s-bedford/246036877.html and I realized I don't know how to get shoe shine for it? Should I use a neutral color or tan? I've been looking up Cognac Shoe Shine -- but I haven't found anything specific that would help me out...
  10. rebel222

    Air "whooshing" Sound From Shoes

    Does anyone have an issue with their shoes making a "whooshing" sound when they walk? It seems to happen on my better fitting shoes. The shoes that most closely resemble the shape of my foot seem to have a louder sound. I guess when the leather closely fits my feet, the air moving through this...
  11. darwin

    clean sole on desert boot?

    any ideas? mine have turned blackish from dirt, looks gross. thanks!
  12. GBer

    Hard & Soft Bristle Brushes for polishing?

    Looking for some advice on when to use which brush... Some say to use the soft to clean dirt then polish with the hard. I've also heard the other way around. What do you guys do and recommend? I like to get my shoes shining like patent leather.
  13. I

    My first shoes with Topy put on

    So I did some reading about peoples experience with Topy sole protectors and finally had them put on by a local cobbler on an old pair of Ferragamo laceups that I have. At first I thought that there was going to be a big difference as far as how the shoes felt when walking but quite honestly, I...
  14. Oyaji

    Shoe Damage Report & Shoe P0rn Central - Part II

    Those are nice Oyaji. Thanks, they are my favorite one. Here another pair of mine, G&G St James (from Bespoke-England), always showing left foot pics as it is my "worst" foot:
  15. G

    Possible to replace rubber shoe sole with leather?

    If you have a shoe that you like everything about it except for its sole, can you replace it with a completely different type of sole? For example, take the Ferragamo loafers in the first pic. The sole is quite thick for my taste and I really don't like it at all. Is it possible to have a...
  16. woolymammoth

    Saphir Medaille D'Or Cream versus Saphir Creme Surfine? Answered.

    Answered my own question... http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/f...ad.php?t=80922 If there a difference between Saphir Medaille D'Or Cream and Saphir Creme Surfine; I assume there must be some difference given the different names. Comments appreciated - thank you. images from the Franco's...
  17. EViS

    Leather Gucci Shoes - Leather Care & Protection

    I have just returned from Florence, Italy, with two new pairs of leather Gucci shoes. One pair is a tan colour whilst the other is brown with brown suede on the top part of the shoe. From my research so far, I believe the leather used by Gucci is aniline (unfinished) and thus marks easily from...
  18. Star

    When is a Shoe Tree too big?

    I took a pair of AE Cliftons I won on ebay to my local department store to get some Cedar shoe trees. Unfortunately they do not carry AE shoes let alone their shoe trees, so I have to live with the generic cedar brand which still smells ok. The lady who served me suggested a larger size where...
  19. Henry Boogers

    Removing Shiny Topcoat on Shoes / Keith Highlander Pictorial

    Okay, so I received my very expensive Keith Highlander shoes from Ebay for a whopping price of $35 + shipping last night and decided to 'Doc Holliday' them up a bit. Thanks to the Doc for his previous explanation and pictures of his work which gave be the confidence to give this a whirl. By the...
  20. Wvillager

    Notched Heel on shoes-mean anything?

    This will make some people on here gasp, convulse, etc. but in a pinch I bought a pair of black Moreschi's full price at the madison ave store a few weeks ago. I just noticed the inside corner of the heels are cut/notched out. Does this mean something, like the shoe was returned previously...

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