What does it mean to Relast a shoe?

  1. Question: When you say "relast" do you mean they reshape the upper to original?

    Answer: They put the shoe on its original last while they remove and repair the outsole. This is a movie of the process at Allen Edmonds.

    Will be very similar at Alden.

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  1. stanchri
    I believe this depends on the last and the maker. It likely varies on the leather used as well, depending on its stretching characteristics (but this is just me guessing).
    For example, I asked John Lobb to relast an oxford on the 7000 last on the 8000 last, and they said it can't be done.
  2. Mica2015
    Adding to the question, can a shoe lasted on Last A be re-lasted on Last B? I suppose it can be properly done, right?

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