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NYC Shopping?

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I'm heading up 95 to New York this weekend, and for the first time in years I have some time (and a little $$) to shop. The missus wants to hit Bergorf and Barneys, I'd like to see APC and Steven Alan.

Not knowing too much about the shopping geography, is there anywhere else I should make it a point to go? Any non-shopping sights a guy should see (seen the Met, the old MOMA, guggenheim, frick, etc., and the buildings).

I'm staying by the UN, if that's any help...

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Century 21 for discounted high end brands

Famous Friends for streetwear (near Tompkin Park on Ave B)

Other usual spots people check out are Atrium, Nom de Guerre, and pretty much the entire SoHo area. H&M (2 midtown locations) are worth a go.

*oh yea, SoHo has the 45rpm store which might be of interest
post #3 of 9 R by 45rpm 169 Mercer St., New York, NY 10012 at Houston St. 917-237-0045 The Whitney Biennial show is on now, get advance tix Visiting all the above next month for my birthday EDIT: forgot APC 131 MERCER STREET - NEW YORK, NYC
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Bergdorf Goodman



Walk from Grand Central up Mad to 90th, 57th and 5th.
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Don't forget Odin:
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You have luck at Daffys? I never do...
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Century 21 recently got in a bunch of Y-3 stuff.
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Thanks for the tips, guys. Definitely going to bergdorf and barneys, gotta stop by marc jacobs for the lady friend, I'm hoping to make it to seize sur vingt, built by wendy, and at least one other spot (ODIN, famous friends, atrium, etc.). If I buy anything, maybe I'll start a "recent purchases" thread.
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