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Trusting the Local Men's Store


Apr 3, 2018
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Since deciding to dive deep into men's fashion a few months ago, I've spent alot of time on this board and others. Spotting a quality suit is top on the list of things I'm trying to learn and so I have been reading much about the "pinch test". I havent figured it out yet, and so today I thought I would visit some local fine men's shops to hopefully get some in-person help. This didn't work out as planned at all. The salesman at the first store said he had never heard of the pinch test and even remarked that a suits quality is mostly about the "outside material." I mentioned some of the things I've learned on here hoping he could clarify and he stated that if I found a suit above $1K it was probably good and I shouldn't worry. Feeling underwhelmed, I went to another fine men's shop to see what they would say. Here they talked about the qualities of fine suits in a way that I could recognise based on things I've read here. Still they couldn't offer any advice on the pinch test. Feeling better about the experience overall, I decided to give Suitsupply a visit to ask the same construction based questions. Here I was told there was no way to tell a suits construction by touching it.

Today's adventure unfortunately has not given me a good feeling about shopping local, something I'm normally all about. It appears I can do just as well perusing the web and finding a good tailor. Thoughts? Opinions?


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May 10, 2005
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As I have already posted in this Forum, I have a low
opinion of Suit Supply; both their clothing and the
"types" who staff the San Francisco store. Nevertheless,
they apparently have a model which should pass the pinch
BTW, where is local?

Sam Hober

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Jan 4, 2005
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Trust your instincts - don't worry.

Most chain stores are not going to have the best service (there will always be exceptions).

Think about your budget - and within your budget get something that fits and has the right colors for you.

Don't worry so much about the fabric quality as unless you find a sale; the quality will tend to go up with price and a mid price should work well for now.

If you can find a good alterations tailor or seamstress that will be a great asset - one possibility is a lightly used suit of great quality that you have altered.

The main point is to have fun shopping, relax and slowly learn.

Don't worry about pinch tests or anything like that instead try on and look in the mirror and walk around - is the fit great do you look good? Trust your judgement.

Only get one low to mid priced suit wear it and then after some time buy only one more and slowly upgrade as you become comfortable in the process.

Good luck!

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