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    I was trying to contact someone at Details to point out that they'd mislabeled a pair of Rag & Bone jeans as a pair of Diesels and vice versa, and came upon the site. It's pretty, the GQ forum is as crappy as usual, and there are some interesting features - you can see a lot of F/W 2005 collections, for example - but as usual, the mainstream fashion press is about 6 months to 2 years behind any trend. To wit, their ten "Hustlers of Hip" are:

    1) Taavo - a funny goof that's shelf life expired about 2 months after the "I f**ked XXX" t-shirts appeared (for $88.) on the shelves at Barneys. That was a while ago.

    2) Nigo of BAPE (A Bathing Ape) - yes, it is cool. But it's cool since well before the first G.W. Bush presidency began.

    3) Okay, fine, Andrew, Andrew is new to me. But I know squat about conceptual art.

    4) American Apparel? That was old news at least a year ago. Yes, their products are great value (I'm wearing AA stuff right now, and have a bunch of t-shirts at home), but new news? No.

    5) Sharps. Even I know about this. And I razor my own hair and use Irish Spring. C'mon. Do a little better guys.

    6) Barn Margera - okay, never heard of the guy. But I don't know crap about skateboarding. Seriously. I stood on a board once, and nearly killed myself.

    7) Supra in London. My mate from London knew about this. And the guy has been in the states for about 5 years. And he is not that cool to begin with.

    8) Surface to Air? You're kidding me, right? I can buy their overpriced t-shirts on discount. In Boston. That should say enough.

    9) Vice - I've seen Vice things at Loehmann's. Nuff said.

    10) John Malkovitch. Yeah, okay, that is pretty cool.

    Not a great track record guys.

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    Jan 20, 2005
    Bam Margera is also old news, but John Malkovich will always be cool.

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    It's really ashame that the GQ forum is such trash, but I ventured over to the various women's boards on and they aren't much better. I thought registration would have improved the quality of posts at GQ, but it has not.

    As for the men's style site, it has its warts but it is a welcome addition to the menswear field....I post at another forum where discussion of the shows is pretty detailed so I am not too saddened with the GQ forum. British GQ has always covered the fashion shows, it's about time the American version did the same. They are going to be adding a feature later this month where pick items weekly and provide direct links if you are interested in purchasing them....I think the site has potential......

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