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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by TheSouthernGent, Jul 27, 2015.

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    I am a frequent traveler and the dopp kit stays packed. On a recent trip, the Victorinox nylon bag I have used happily for years suddenly bled on an expenive white shirt. Of course, this necessitated a shopping trip but I digress.

    I switched the offending kit out for an leather kit I have had for years that was a gift. It is a beautiful item but it doesnt work for me. Classic Dopp shape with two zippers and it is divided into two sides. Organizationally speaking that sound good. In practice, it means the opening is small enough that often to find the lost item in the bottom of the bag I have to dump the whole thing out.

    Nearing retirement, I expect to travel as frequently for leisure and for the occasional advisory/consulting gig to make more travel money! So, now I need advice and opinions. I searched the forums and found some old threads but new poducts show up routinely and a thread dated 2010 seems stale.

    Here are my requirements. I usually travel between 2 nights and 1 week. Most travel is in the US but some is abroad. I want an attractive kit in leather not over $200 in price that can be easily packed in the luggage. I normally check my bag due to a shoulder injury but I always carry a ziplock in case I have to carry on. Consequently, I am not concerned about the 3-1-1 deal. I have considered The Tanta from Maxwell Scott, this bag from Leatherology [​IMG]
    or this bag from Saddleback Leather [​IMG]

    I want to like the Saddleback but I fear it is too rigid to pack comfortably without taking up too much luggage space. The Leatherology seems just too organized. The Tanta seems the best. Does anyone own any of these and would you care to offer an opinion? Do you have a favorite you would recommend?

    Thanks in advance gentlemen.

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