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Hair loss, hair restoration, hair transplant, etc. thread


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Jun 12, 2011
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Hi All,

I searched but couldn't find a similar thread. I wanted to start a thread on hair loss, hair restoration, etc.

I myself have had 2 hair transplant surgeries. Both were FUT sessions. I'll post photos when time permits. I'm probably going to get more sessions.

If anyone has questions on hair transplants, or hair loss in general, please feel free to chime in and talk about your experience as well. I'm happy thus far with the results. I haven't tried finasteride (friends have had side effects) and I tried Rogaine for a while but didn't notice any results.

Hopefully we can get this thread started.




New Member
Nov 28, 2019
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I know about a natural hair treatment and share it with you according to my experience. Dr. Ryan Welter, the natural barley and hops found in beer increases its nutritional value and helps in attaining more structured and bodied hair. Stylist Luigi Parasmo whose repertoire includes working for the likes of Versace, believes that the alcohol in beer acts as a cleansing agent that also provides a softening effect.


Apr 12, 2020
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This thread has over 2000 views and only two posts, wow.

I also had a transplant, about 5 years ago. My hairline was receding faster than I liked, especially in the temple areas. I had an FUT transplant. Scar only visible if I crop my hair really short on the sides, but it is easy to cover up. One of my coworkers was so impressed by the surgery, that he went and had it done too.

Surgery took most of an afternoon, with a break for lunch. Cost about $6000 back then. I did not experience much shock-loss. I had the surgery on a Friday and went back to work Monday like nothing happened. Had to take good care of the transplanted hair at first, no hair wash, then gentle hair wash etc. etc.

I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who has a complex about their hair loss. Like most people who have a transplant, it is likely that I will go back for another in 5-6 years or so. Best money I ever spent on myself, and even if it cost double I would still do it.


Distinguished Member
Mar 11, 2006
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I started to prevent hair loss at 24 when I started lifting weights and noticed my hair shedding. My guess is that weight lifting > more test > more DHT > hair loss. I wasted no time in getting Propecia within 2 weeks, which prevented further hair loss. I'm 35 and have thick hair with a nice hairline. No side effects.

Microneedling has recently grown in popularity and backed by studies. I started this about 2 months ago just to maintain my hairline. Check out this study, scroll down for pictures:


(1) Hair counts – The mean change in hair count at week 12 was significantly greater for the Microneedling group compared to the Minoxidil group (91.4 vs 22.2 respectively). (2) Investigator evaluation – Forty patients in Microneedling group had +2 to +3 response on 7-point visual analogue scale, while none showed the same response in the Minoxidil group. (3) Patient evaluation – In the Microneedling group, 41 (82%) patients reported more than 50% improvement versus only 2 (4.5%) patients in the Minoxidil group. Unsatisfied patients to conventional therapy for AGA got good response with Microneedling treatment.


Dermaroller along with Minoxidil treated group was statistically superior to Minoxidil treated group in promoting hair growth in men with AGA for all 3 primary efficacy measures of hair growth. Microneedling is a safe and a promising tool in hair stimulation and also is useful to treat hair loss refractory to Minoxidil therapy.

I got a microneedle "stamp" but it takes a long time so I switched to a roller. There are a ton on Amazon. I got 1.5mm needles, same used in the study above. It really doesn't hurt but you get an adrenaline rush from it. I have pale skin and there is no redness the next day. Many people combine needling with minoxidil for even better results, although minoxidil causes red bumps to appear for me so I can't use it. Most men don't have that problem with minoxidil however. I've been microneedling too recently to attest to the results.

My advice to everyone is to start early, be it pills, topical, or needling. The longer you wait the worse it will be, and less likely to grow back. I started early and get complements for my hair and everyone thinks I'm a lot younger than I am. I once looked at side by side comparisons on some "then and now" article showing celebs from the 80s then today. I think hair has a lot to do with making a man look youthful. Take Tom Cruz for example.

On a side note, wearing sunscreen every day will reap huge rewards as well as far as aging. It's a worthwhile habit to develop at any age.

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