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  1. stifler

    Hair loss, hair restoration, hair transplant, etc. thread

    Hi All, I searched but couldn't find a similar thread. I wanted to start a thread on hair loss, hair restoration, etc. I myself have had 2 hair transplant surgeries. Both were FUT sessions. I'll post photos when time permits. I'm probably going to get more sessions. If anyone has questions on...
  2. E

    Strongest Pomade for Slicked Back Hair

    I started trying to slick my hair back with water-based pomade, but it wouldn't stay back, so I tried clay, cause I heard it had more hold. Still wouldn't stay back. I didn't want to start with wax or oil-based pomade because I know they're not great for your hair, but I wasn't getting nearly...
  3. T

    How to get that hairstyle?

    Hello guys! I've been wondering how to get a haircut like the guy in the picture I attached. I understand what kind of haircut is needed but my problem is what products does he use to get his hair curly like that especially at the front. So that the fringe is curly. Hope you guys can give me...
  4. W

    Messed up hair

    My hair used to be really frizzy and curly (Like a lot of black men have), i went to the barber to get a haircut, and the barber put some kind of thick white paste i my hair, which straightened my hair. He told me it'll go away in a day. Now, more than a month later, my hair still isn't back...
  5. R

    Need advice on hairstyle

    Hello, everyone. I have always wanted to have long hair and to be able to have a ponytail. I can't afford to go to an expensive stylist. Would anyone be kind enough to show me a photograph, or to let me know what I should say to the hairdresser, to get a haircut that suits me? I'm 41...
  6. S

    What kind of a hairstyle should I get?

    Hey guys, I'm new here, 16 years old and about to finish my sophomore year of high school. I've typically worn a hat in the past (here: https://images.solecollector.com/complex/image/upload/t_in_content_image/jimmy-butler-jordan-hats-02_o32o2o.jpg for reference), but I have never actually...
  7. L

    Face/Head Shape for Glasses & Haircuts?

    Hi all! New here. I've got a bit of a dilemma. I'm about to get my first ever pair of glasses, tried lots on in person and online but all the ones I like so far I end up feeling like they look unflattering/odd on me (probably because I'm not used to it but still). So my question today is...
  8. A


    ⚠ The BOLD TEXTS means that you have to consider these details. Hi! I'm 18 years old and I'm having trouble on choosing the right hairstyle cause of my weird hairline. I want to let you know that I'm always wearing these glasses shown in the picture above. I can't see well without them...
  9. P

    Prom - what hairstyles will go with my dress

    Hi :) I've ordered a prom dress (images of front and back are attached at the end of this post), but have no idea what hairstyles will go with the dress (I don't normally wear this kind of dress). I have brown, shoulder length slightly wavy hair naturally, but I have hair straighteners and hair...
  10. J

    2 Steps to win the first date with great grooming

    Full post available at: https://m20hair.com/blogs/m20-tips/2-steps-to-win-the-first-date Preparation is key. James Bond doesn’t just rock up on a date with a fine Italian underwear model. No, he prepares and preparation is key. To leave her dazzled in most first date situations, you’ve got two...
  11. Hair_Dude

    men's hair: changing part

    So just for something different I tried changing my part from the right side to the left side. I have a typical medium length cut, brushed to the side and slightly back. For those who've tried this, how long did it take for your hair to "relearn?" Also, does it take a while to get used to the...
  12. AndrewST

    Itchy scalp when growing long hair?

    I've decided to grow out my hair, and right now, it's longer than it has been in over 20 years. My scalp is getting itchy though and I'm wondering if it's because of my hair, or what. I'm using cheap 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner (my excuse is, since my hair is usually very short, I don't need...
  13. El Zilcho

    American Crew Dilemma / Thin Hair!

    I've been using American Crew Fiber for a few months now, and it has done the trick but with only a few (if glaring) issues. I have thin, quite short hair and this tends to be a problem. I usually style it with the fringe up or slightly to the side and back - but I find after about an hour the...
  14. clarksdb

    Laser Hair Removal for Unibrow?

    Unfortunately I have to admit I do have a unibrow. So I was thinking of getting laser hair removal around that area but I read that it's dangerous to have it around your eyes. I wanted to ask people here because if I go to a laser hair removal place of course I'll get a very biased answer.
  15. SuperSaiyan3

    do you use hair products before or after you blow dry your hair?

    I've always used them to after they dried, but I am starting to hear that it was actually the other way. Plus, how do you make side hair fall forward without looking like such a doofus? My hair generally falls the same way that Chace Crawford's hair falls, but it just doesn't get as...
  16. CJG_NYC

    Missing Patch in Beard - Alopecia

    So, too keep this short, I have an "alopecia-spot" in my beard, along my jawline, that is SUPER annoying. I have very dark, coarse, facial hair - and the REAL problem is that even when clean shaven you can still notice the area that is completely hairless. Its for this reason that I am most...
  17. Svenn

    Hair product that holds styles without looking greasy?

    I tried gel and wax to hold certain hairstyles I like, but both left my hair greasy and unnatural looking. Is there something that will hold a style dry and make it look just like the natural way my hair lays?
  18. CityHunter

    Clearing Hair Caught Between the Blades of a Razor...How?

    Up until last year, I have been using an electric Norelco razor to shave. Sure, it didn't provide the closest shave, but it was quick and convenient. After that I switched to the Gillette Fusion razor, which was amazing, minus the fact that my hairs would always get stuck in between the blades...
  19. crazyquik

    How can you tell when someone is wearing a wig/hairpiece?

    So growing up, and still if I'm watching TV with my parents, they are always mentioning/spotting when someone is wearing a wig. And in this post, RJ makes a comment that reminded me of them http://www.styleforum.net/showpost.p...4&postcount=23 And I can never see it. So how do you tell if...
  20. kaiimac

    Growing out thick hair

    Hey all, I am new to the forum and in need of some advice. I have extremely thick/coarse hair, and I have always wanted to grow it out. I have tried it a few times, and it always looks horrible in the process. Even with a few weeks without a hair cut, my hair gets so "poofy" and huge...mainly I...

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