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  1. L

    Leather jacket size, which one fits better?

    Hi, looking for advice on this schott jacket, which one fits better in your opinion? (apologies for the crap photos): Small: Medium: Thanks for the help!
  2. yunBW

    How should a brand new loafer fit?

    Hi, I recently purchase JMW 180 and it's been a while I own and wear a pair of loafer. So I'm slightly uncertain about the fit of my loafer. I purchased a size 7D, the fit is snug and slight tighter on the vamp area of the loafer. My main concern is the slight heel slippage when wearing it...
  3. Anthraxistaken

    Visvim Grizzly sizing?

    Brand new to sf so apologies if I’m in the wrong place, but does anyone have sizing advice on Grizzly’s? Found a good deal on a pair in 10, I’m a 10C on the Bannock, and tts in basically everything I have
  4. nevaeh

    Gaziano & Girling fit question

    I'm looking to buy a pair of shoes on Gaziano & Girling's TG73 last. However, I don't have any G&G stockists near where I live, so it's infeasible to go try on a pair. Could I pick your collective brains on sizing? This is my current sizing information: Edward Green, 82 last, UK 7 E [7/7.5 E]...
  5. R

    Loafer Conundrum

    I know there are many threads on loafer sizing but I've been having trouble with getting the right fit. So I recently bought a pair of OSB Beefroll Penny loafers in size 10D. I was recently re-measured on a Brannock at Allen Edmonds and my left foot is a 9.5E while my right is a 9.5D. The OSB's...
  6. superseiyan

    Polos -- Proper fit & do they shrink or stretch?

    I'm picking up some Mack Weldon vesper polos that I'll launder and dry as in the instructions--I have an apartment so line drying a full basket of laundry is not very convenient :| So for this the challenge is that the large seems good, but will be snug if it shrinks. The XL is a little roomy...

    SIZING/FIT difference between SLP L01 SS13(Hendi) and current L01(Anthony Vaccarello)

    Hello everyone, thanks in advance for any replies given. I am considering purchasing the SLP L01 leather jacket, but I am looking for the Hedi version back in SS13 I have come across with two SS13 L01s listed on eBay, a 50 and a 48. However the sellers claimed that the fit from SS13 was much...
  8. J

    Possible to downsize Rota Trousers Size Euro 52 -> 50

    I've found a pair of Rota flannel pants that I really like. The problem is they're only available in size Euro 52, whereas I'm a solid Euro 50. Is it possible to leave them to a decent skilled tailor and get them to fit me or is it too much of a gamble? I'm worried about the front- and back...
  9. fal132

    Sizing advice on different brands, compared to C&J 8.5G

    I've never known what size I am since my wide feet never really fit well in any sort of shoe. A few days ago I finally made the trip to Brussels to try on a few shoes in the C&J store. It turns out that my C&J size is 8.5G (in the 341 last that is), and not a 10.5 which I was previously wearing...
  10. Don007

    Leather jacket sizing help,please?

    Hello, I recently purchased a leather jacket online but I do think it's a bit small, snug good around my chest but around where my arms connect to my shoulder bone kind of constructing "sleeves". The shoulder straps on the jacket are somewhat laying in front my shoulders rather than on top like...
  11. robxznyc

    Marsèll shoes sizing

    Hi, anyone can share your experience with Marsèll shoes? Do they tend to run half or a full size large? Thanks
  12. shugon

    wjk Sizes

    Hi everyone, I'm really looking forward to buying what would be my first item from wjk. As it is always with Japanese brand, sizes could get tricky. Generally, I wear medium to large, but my wardrobe is almost entirely composed of clothes that come from Western brands - I barely have any...
  13. StyleforumRobot

    Allen Edmonds: Sizing Guide

    Allen Edmonds shoes come in a variety of lengths, ranging from 6 to 16. They do offer middle sizes, and each half size increases by approximately one-sixth of an inch. The widths of Allen Edmonds shoes range from the narrowest AAA to the widest EEE. The D width is considered a medium. Each width...
  14. StyleforumRobot

    Alden Shoes: Sizing Guide

    Lasts Alden's lasts may seem a little confusing to first-time buyers. Our posters in the Alden thread for 2016 (archived pre-2016 Alden thread here) have a wealth of experience and knowledge about Alden sizes. We were able to compile this guide thanks to the contribution of many users who have...
  15. sarcissist

    How do you determine what size trenchcoat you are?

    I'm male, 5'7" and about average weight (140lbs.) and would like a basic long double-breasted trench coat. Nothing too close-fit. I like room. What size should I be looking for? I have no idea what the specific numbers and letters mean. I was also looking for something like a Stafford...
  16. NYCniceguy

    Why do 40 size suits come with 34 pants?

    I have a 32 waist, and it's difficult to find a 40-sized suit with pants that fit me. It sucks because you can't really do anything with baggy pants without ruining them. What do people in a similar situation do? Do I just need to stick with certain "slim" designers?
  17. waterboy100

    Is there a problem with my suit jacket.

    First of all, this is my first post. I'll have to look around for a welcome thread to post in, but onto my question. I was hoping that you guys could help me. I have a suit that is a little bit old that I need to wear in a week or so, so I went and tried it on. My question is about the jacket...
  18. JDelage

    Does a jacket size 40R correspond to Medium or Small?

    I always buy M, but I have seen size tables (e.g., the Drakes' cashmere cardigan) which make a 40 chest size a small. I'm a bit puzzled. Of course, generally I understand that it's best to try and see what fits. I'm just curious what the industry standards are... Thanks, JD
  19. Bunnerrabbit

    can I wear a larger size slim fit? I am not slim

    I am 5' 10" 170lbs I do have a belly. I wear a 16 1/2 shirt but it is snug around the neck sometimes. When I jump to a 17 it seems that the shirt is just to big. Thinking a 17 slim fit might work If not other opinions welcome as I am new to this.
  20. TyroneFig

    Why do I fit so well in size 36 pants, but my waist is low 40s?

    So I never measured my waisted before, all my pants are usually size 36 (sometimes 34 in jeans but they stretch out to fit which I like) and they fit great. Size 38 pants are actually too big a little bit. But I measured my waist tonight and it's in the low 40s.. what's going on?

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