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  1. whoisthis

    Cordovan polish shining fail

    For the first time i tried using saphir mirror gloss. It is not working out. ive used other brand wax before. It works fine and easy. For some reason this saphir mirror gloss isnt working out even after watching videos. The coats dont seem to layer. what i did is, i would get some water on the...
  2. whoisthis

    Wet shining Shell Cordovan allen edmond

    I've been watching how Japanese wet shine their Shell Cordovan Alden pairs. How do they manage to wet shine vamp area without showing polish cracks? Just use shoe cordovan shoe cream, brush and repeat? maybe add water to cream?
  3. Digital Native

    Spit Shine

    Hi all, I am no stranger to the spit shine, but there is one problem that I’ve never been able to figure out how to overcome. I can create a high-gloss shine using many small layers of polish, but I always have a problem with scuffs. If I shine over top scuffs, I end up with very shiny scuffed...
  4. carve

    Grain leather

    Hi, What colour saphire Should i use on a pair of C&J Ashdown in brown grain. Im going for a deep colour/patina. Any advice or ideas for mixing colours would be great. Thank you in advance.
  5. S

    Caring for pre-made patina-leather

    I did a search, and there doesn't seem to be a lot on this forum regarding store-bought patina leather care. To be specific... I'm NOT looking to talk about 'antiquing' a solid-colour pair of shoes. No, I'm referring strictly to those shoes that have been professionally dyed/painted (as...
  6. A

    discoloration on leather shoe

    Bought these Cole Haans from a goodwill. Took them home, cleaned with warm water and dish soap, conditioned with Saphir Renovateur, polished with cream polish. Once they were all cleaned up, I noticed the toe has some lighter shade discoloring. You can see it on left side of the shoe's toe in...
  7. VictorGradinaru

    Shoe Polishing - What have I done wrong?

    Greetings, everyone! I would like to begin by saying that this is my very first post on this forum, so please excuse me if I am writing this thread under the wrong category. I require some help regarding the shoe shining process which a new pair of shoes underwent today. I bought these shoes...
  8. wdkwang

    Polishing question

    Recently got into wearing higher quality dress shoes, and now have 6 pairs of Allen Edmonds. I've looked at shoe care products and how-to videos on shoe shining, but am still left with a few questions. For each shoe, my process is to apply AE leather conditioner, then AE cream polish, and finish...
  9. Buddyboy1

    What solvent will soften or thin shoe polish?

    It is commonly known that shoe polish contains petroleum solvents. Over time, even in a closed tin, the solvents evaporate leaving even a hardly used tin with lumpy dry polish. Can I add some solvent back into it which will, with a little heat, rejuvenate it? If so, what is the best solvent...
  10. superconductor

    Removing Wax Polish from Boots

    I recently used some Kiwi shoe polish on a pair of leather wingtip boots. It was a bit difficult to buff out, and it seems to be scuffing easily. I want to use a cream-based polish but I'm not sure what to do about the existing wax polish. I was told that a cream + a buff would take off the wax...
  11. BaseballDad

    Matching Shoe Polish To Shoe Color?...

    How do you go about getting the best color match between your shoe's original color and polish or wax? Many online sellers sell shoes, i.e. C & J in their "unique" colors...chestnut, but do not offer the corresponding chestnut polish. Some manufacturers do not even make color-matched...
  12. GBer

    Hard & Soft Bristle Brushes for polishing?

    Looking for some advice on when to use which brush... Some say to use the soft to clean dirt then polish with the hard. I've also heard the other way around. What do you guys do and recommend? I like to get my shoes shining like patent leather.
  13. ThinkandDrive

    Cleaning acetate eyeglass frames

    I have a pair of tortise acetate Persol eyeglass frames that I've had for a few years. They used to shine and be brilliant. I keep the lenses clean and polished but cannot seem to get the frames clean. There is a definite haze or film where my skin contacts the bows of the frame. It's dull and...
  14. detroiter

    Polish shoes before wearing?

    I bought some new allen edmonds (my first pair) and also bought some of the premium shoe polish from the store, should i polish them before wearing them? I thought i had heard that you should do that somewhere before?
  15. ASH007

    How to strip and repolish shoes

    I have a pair of Edward Green shoes in which the polish is peeling and flaking. I was wondering if I should strip and repolish or any ideas on how to get a top shine without doing so. Thanks in advance.
  16. corskc

    Is it a mistake to use neutral shoe polish??

    Just got my hands on a pair of new Grenson Epsom Cognac grain calf shoes... Pediwear supplied a tin of neutral polish, and thought I'll do a pre-polish with it.... Man...is there something wrong with my shoes or is the neutral shoe polish turning the shade way darker?! Will applying leather...
  17. Ranjeev

    Darkening Shoes

    Gents, I have started to darken a pair of Martegani Lucca shoes purchased from Ron but I am not exactly sure on how to do this. Btw, I love the shoes but I work in a pretty conservative office and I don't think I can get away with the current color. I have read all the posts on the subject but...
  18. wpeters

    How to remove shoe polish?

    I polished my brown shoes with a slightly darker polish, hoping to darken them. Unfortunately, they didn't turn out as well as I'd like. I'd like to remove the wax and start over. What is the best way to do this? From reading the threads, it seems that acetone would be overkill. Are there other...

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