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APC New Standard Jeans
APC New Standard Jeans

APC New Standard Jeans

PC New Standard jeans are the evolution of APC's "Standard" jeans that have been produced since...

General Information

Me? 30 or 31
Colors Available
PC New Standard jeans are the evolution of APC's "Standard" jeans that have been produced since 1989. They did not change price for over a decade, and sold for $110, until 2002, when the company expanded. They were the template for Hedi Slimane's Dior jeans, and were some of the only selvedge denim "designer" jeans accessible to the American market until the 2000s.

Lowish rise, a taper, and available in the "raw" state, here.

Latest reviews

Pros: Extremely flattering cut
Cons: Made in Macao
Really fired up the raw denim craze. The cut just works and looks better than so many other jeans'. Reasonable price at $180. You need to size down two, because the waist stretches and you want them to look slim. A little disconcerting that they're made in macao but I haven't had issues with quality, personally. The fades really rock as you can see if you search them online.
Purchase Price
Purchase Date
Pros: Relatively cheap, universal fit, durable
Cons: Crazy stretch, better alternative exist, shoddy make in recent years.
I used to wear these all of the time. Used to be the gold standard. Now, probably the bronze standard.
Purchase Price
Purchase Date


+1 to the above. What would be the next "step up" raw denim jean with similar fit?
The manufacturing really does not seem to be up to the same standards as they used to be - more dropped stitches, things loose and hanging threads, a seam that actually busted wide open (below the knee, so there was not even a lot of tension there. Trims were definitely cheaper on my last couple of pairs.

I think that the new "gold standard" is the RRL slim fit, which actually fits not unlike the new standard, though these days, I prefer to use them as my more relaxed jeans, and size down just 1. Hey, even the same vanity sizing! The denim is nice, but not great, and there are the nice touches like hidden rivets and tailored belt loops. At $230 retail, they are a lot nicer than APC at $175 retails.

A step up would be the Triple Works slim fit, which, at $275, is honestly, one of the best jeans at that price. Denim is a wearable 15 ounces. The color is deep, nearly black grey, and ages well, and there are a lot more bells and whistles. Trim levels are good, with brass donut buttons, lined back pockets, hidden rivets, etc..., and the make is very nice. The taper is fairly severe though. Put it this way. I have "regular" muscular calves, and I need to put on my socks before my jeans, because there is no way a 14" opening (on a size 32) is going over my calves.

You can find RRL lots of places, but never click to order. Blue Owl and Mortar both carry Triple Works.
RRL slim fit is great but honestly I cannot pay that much for jeans. Thats insane. Some of their jeans cost as much as $300. You can get a good pair of Diesel jeans for $150. Diesel may not be 5-stars but they are definitely a 4-star jean company. I've had some of their jeans for 5+ years and they look and feel great like they did on day-1. Also consider J Brand. Not as good as Diesel but a good buy especially since they go on sale on the time. My advice with J Brand is to watch the back butt as it typically fits weird.
@corneliusparky Yes they do make Raw denim. I've never bought it; I thought it was too tight. I purchased J Brand Raw denim though.
Thing about A.P.C. is (and hence all the ******* threaks), the sizing is just ******* marsupialed! If you size down to exact waist, they stretch too much, but it you go one inch moar down, and wash them, they are too tight! *Head in hand.
@JapanAlex01 I noticed you said something about sizing. Do you have any experience with J brand? My sizing seems to have streched like crazy since my initial purchase..
For those who love the New Standard fit, the Epaulet Smith has identical measurements. BTW Does anyone have experience with these?
dieselman89: No, no experience! Yeah, I had to wash my A.P.C.s to stop them from stretching more! I might buy 29" (as I am ~32"), so that they will stretch, but don't know if can be arsed with risk/dedication! :/
@ JapanAlex01 my concern with my J Brands is that they are a raw denim and I still haven't really decided that I am ready not to have them continue to fad. Meaning once you wash them they loose that "raw" texture.
I let my NS die and have since started a sublte addiction to RRL. Slim are cut similar to NS and low strait are pretty much rescues.
I saw RRL over here (NL) for €270,–. APC NS is €125,–. I would definitely try RRL if the price difference was the same as in the US, but paying more than twice as much for them—would they be worth it?
@dieselman89, I've had a few pairs of J Brands, they fade extremely quickly and the crotch busted faster than any other pair of jeans I've owned. This was a few years ago but from what I've seen in stores it doesn't look any better. At $60-80 the price isn't bad but I would not recommend them.

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