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Posters have been buzzing about Ian Daniel's warehouse in Santa Monica, CA, for years. I first was introduced to his webstore over 5 years ago when I bought a Paul Smith shirt from him. Ian has a selection of rare and exclusive labels, including the most extensive collection of Barba shirts that I've seen in the U.S.A., not to mention a remarkable collection of Attolini, knits by Cucinelli, and outerwear by Colombo. 800.501.5384 Click here to contact Ian by PM.
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it was a pleasure to have met Ian Daniels. His warehouse is packed full of Borrellis and Attolinis, was a very good visit.
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Did you pick any thing up, B?
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When is he coming back to NYC?
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I just received an Anna Matuozzo tie from Ian. He is a pleasure to deal with.
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Originally Posted by Baron View Post
Did you pick any thing up, B?

sorry didnt see this post. no i didnt. i was looking at his attolini coats and kiton. the attolinis are nice but not my style of silhouette. kiton db suit was very nice but too rich for me.
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He sold me a couple of months ago a nice two collar button Finamore shirt.

Nice shop
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some barba shirts on there that are listed as 'xtra slim' on there , but i noticed most of the barba shirts there are now a good percentage nylon? like 75% cotton 20% nylon and then some elastane.

how are these? they are the black label i guess as they are slim. i just bought one still (i like the color navy on navy stripe and the cut) but never had one that had a quarter nylon in it?
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Not a fan of his new site.
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Originally Posted by jamesbond View Post
Not a fan of his new site.

+1. Hard to navigate.
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Originally Posted by imageWIS View Post
+1. Hard to navigate.


It took me a little while to get the hang of it, but by selecting various menu options on the left-hand-side of the page, I think that it's easier to drill down further and search more specifically than it was with the old site. My searches on the old site used to bring up about 50 shirts, most of which I wasn't interested in, whereas with the new site, I find that setting the parameters gives much narrower and more relevant results.
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just received my barba shirt from Ian, quick shipping, professionally packaged, excellent product. love the shirt. thanks !!
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I just received five shirts from them. I like the way all the measurements are listed on the site so you know exactly what you're getting.
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There are a few pairs Borrelli Shoes on the last page that are Goodyear welted as well.

Thank you,

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It is my sincere belief and hope that the new version of the website is a profound improvement from the last version in both design, ease of use, and ability to find items that better suit your needs.

Design - Much more contemporary and cleaner

Ease of Use - Shop by Category, Shop by Designer, What's New, and Sale

Search - Now within the broad categories of Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Designers, etc, etc, the ability to "drill down" into finite needs. Now you can sift through 1,000s and 1,000s of items and find that exact item you are looking for using the refinements that represent the actual available inventory attributes!

Find a solid navy blue Barba Napoli tie. Find an extra slim fit brown plaid Borrelli wool pant in size 34. Find a lace up Sutor Mantellassi in Brown Size 10. Refine for what you like/want, find that needle in the haystack that you have been wanting, but could not find!

A website is never "done". But this new version has accomplished so much of what our clients were asking for that the final product is truly an expression of those needs. It is my wish that as you explore the new version you will see it can help you find what you are truly looking for much faster and with much more precision.

Best regards,

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