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I personally don't like your outfits.

You do, however, have a lot of confidence, as evident by the fact that you lived up to your words of posting pictures for critique.

All things being equal, confidence is most important.
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Where to begin?
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Thread delivered. Pain and hilarity.
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Is this thread a subtle troll? OMG, that's ******* awful. Those knots are much larger than the size of the Clementines I'm eating right now.

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I'm not sure which I like better - iammatt's photos or mt. spiffy's.

This guy has cajones. You would think he would black out his face or something.
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These outfits are terrible. Everything is way too large. Some of those jackets look pretty dated, and the 4-button suit....yikes!
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You mentioned being a musician. Perhaps what you need are some other musicians whose style you could draw inspiration from. I submit the following possiblities:

Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones:

Sean Combs:

Kanye West:

While all these might have their problems or detractors, each represents a huge step up over what your doing here.

Good luck.
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If you're happy and you have the confidence to pull it off, I say more power to you.
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Did they change April fool's day to April 3 and not tell me about it?
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I am no Manton or AHarris style expert that being said...

You're suits all seem way too long for your body I am not sure if you are wearing a long when you should be a regular. The tie knots are either your signature, or just silly. What you are wearing is not conventional so maybe you can get away with the look. I couldn't I would just be laughed at. I think you would be much better suited in slimmer cuts, right now your suits look like an NFL analysts. A big part of style is fit,and that is one thing you are sorely lacking.
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Putting the style of any individual item aside, I would urge you to reconsider the fit and tailoring of your clothing. Try a tailored jacket that flatters your build. The ones you have are very large and boxy. They make you look big, but not defined. They make you look shapeless. You might want to tone it down on the size of your tie, it is distracting, not flattering. Great fitting clothes and getting things in the right proportions will make you look your best.

Good luck on your satorial journey.
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Originally Posted by Tarmac View Post
just like 95% of men don't know what a 3-2 roll is, 95% of women think this is "dressing up". Let's face it, positive reinforcement from clueless women is a huge factor in dressing badly.

To be fair... 90% of most actions are primitively driven by that very same 95% of female acceptance.
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I can see that you like your jackets large and long, so what's with the light grey jacket in the sweater picture? The sleeves are much too short. Have you tried on a "properly" fitting suit and dismissed the look, or are you just going by what you think looks good on you right now?
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Part of dressing well is knowing when to follow the rules and when to break the rules. Here I see too many rules being broken with too much disregard.

And as other members have said you primary concern when choosing clothing is the fit. No matter how fine the materials are or how much handwork has gone into the garment, if it doesn't fit it is not worth buying. I think if we can at least get this through to you, and you adhere to this, you will become happier with the way you look.
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Originally Posted by petitnoblesse View Post
right now your suits look like an NFL analysts.

Yeah, did you get that suit from Sterling Sharpe?
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