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$1,000 for a suit. Where would you go?

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In reading through old threads it seems that online MTM suit makers are pretty looked down upon by people here. Though mostly because they don't want noobs to get swindled into overpaying for what they think is a "bespoke" suit. So when I ask my question, just know I'm fully aware that when these companies say bespoke, it's really not accurate.

My question is where you'd go to get the best suit for under $1,000? I've gotten a few from Black Lapel and are happy with them, but think there might be better options. Was thinking Knot Standard as I live in Dallas and could go into their shop and pick out fabric and get measured there.

Or would you suggest I wait a bit, bite the bullet, and go full bespoke from someone like Chris Despos?


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There is definitely no shortage of place here in Dallas to find suits under $1,000. Suitsupply, knot standard, Alton Lane, and then some higher end stores like Sid mashburn, Stanley Korshak, or Pockets.
I have 2 M2M suit that were each around $600. One from Alton Lane which I wish I hadn't purchased. The other from my tailor, Vu's tailor in Plano that was well worth the money. I personally recommend him to everyone. M2M suits start around $550 and go up to $1,000+ for higher end fabrics VBC, Holland & Sherry, Etc. He will do bespoke suits himself at $3,000 or $4,000. just some suggestions hope that helps!

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Thanks man - I'll check them out!

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If I was set on spending it on a single suit, I'd go to the outlet near me and buy an ISAIA suit. I'm really not a fan of MTM suits, unless it's a necessity (someone with a 12 inch drop). If you can find a quality brand that fits you perfectly off the rack, why take the risk on MTM?
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