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New trends we oughtta start

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I though that this would be a fun topic. I'll start. This one is a pretty silly idea, but who is to say that it won't catch on? 1.\tThe DJ look. When I'm traveling, I always bring my own DJ style headphones for the plane, hotel CD stereo, whatever. To save space (I try to travel with just a messenger bag with a change of clothes and toiletries) I wear these around my neck, and tuck the hookup into my hip pocket. Surprisingly, it actually looks pretty good. It generates visual interested around the neck and shoulders. It also explains the weird outfits: "Oh, he's a DJ. Figures." Pair with C.D. case messenger bag, cargo pants (Emporio Armani has some pretty cool ones this season) and a stiff, tight, denim jacket. Like the rockstar look, however, the secret is to avoid any real DJ's, who are sure to ask you embarrassing questions. I'll post more as I think of stuff. C'mon you creative types. We all hate the trends out there. Let's dream up some of our own.
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how about the american obsession with royalty giving birth to the faux royal look (you could even do it with jeans and a t shirt that is decorated with crowns or old royal house crests ..... hmmmm i may be onto a trend here) just beware of jetting off to europe as a faux royal and running into a deposed cling-on royal wanting to restore their house and striking up a conversation ....okay, i've been reading the current issue of vanity fair
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-inside out, worn reversed undershirt. -untucked, deliberately ripped and subsequently patched with plaid fabric samples dress shirt; top button left unbuttoned to allow the undershirt's tag to show (you definitely want the tag to show) -baggy capris worn low with a tie-as-belt -wrist bracelet, large, if not cumbersome, in faux gold -argyle socks -sandals
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Okay, so far we have the DJ look, the faux royal look (I can easily see these too going together) and what can only be described as the disturbed gypsy look, although that last one must certainly be meant in jest (although the ripped and repatched dress shirt idea sounds very punk to me.) I think that Dolce & Gabbana has already mined the fauz royal look (F/W 2001) but hey, maybe it never caught on. I kid you not about the D.J. look though. I could easily see this taking off. What more, gentlemen? How about some of the traditionalists out there? There must be something that can catch on. I think that there are probably 2 critical elements: 1) Serious iconic baggage; and 2) Something that guys are going to feel comfortable with - thus the success of striped shirts (*everyone* wears shirts, and a striped shirt not that far of a departure,) military gear (nothing more macho than that) and distressed jeans (it's just like paying more for the validation that what you would wear anyway is in fact stylish and fashionable.)
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yes, it was in jest. no offense intended, just having some fun, and i'm glad you picked up on it. @ 'the disturbed gypsy look' you're correct, btw, re the patched looked being revived by some punkers. i haven't seen it on shirts, but i've seen it very well done on pants. pants were additionally rolled-up a bit. also, recently i've seen argyle socks worn with shorts and sneakers.
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I always like seeing more color in fashion. Don't know if this has been done already, but maybe taking the colorful elements of the preppy look and giving it a more modern twist. Replace loose fitting polos and rugby shirts with slim french cuff/turnback cuff shirts in either bold colors or Turnbull-esque patterns (loud, yet tasteful), and focus on classics like stripes and checks. Maybe add a wide spread color and contrast stitching on button holes to increase the effect. Then I'd replace bland, pale-colored chinos with dark denim and cords in colors like purple and green, with some distressed washes thrown in for variety. For footwear, I'd get rid of sandals and loafers and throw in some colored trainers to complete the ensemble. This is a look I'm experimenting with at the moment as a more interesting alternative to the "straight out of the polo catalog" look that I see a lot of at school.
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From someone who is actually a DJ on a part-time basis, I urge you not to do this... there are enough wannabe DJs already without adding to the confusion heh
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Great topic LAGuy. I'm always talking about new idea for clothes with the guys I work with. We're looking to come up with a cool and edgy way to wear a suit; to wear in clubs, not to work. We've come up with putting PVC or leather patches strategically placed on areas like the lapels, cuffs, pockets, etc... Also using different materials and contrasting them (perhaps BOLD pinstripes). Maybe even written words painted on, or paint in some areas. Of course the suits must have a fashionable cut in the likes of Dior Homme or Helmut Lang. One of the coolest suits I've seen is a waxed linen SB peaked lapel suit, with candy striped fabric running down the edge of just one of the lapels. It was in London at a boutique called Formula. This is exactly the idea of what we're toying with. We even went to Paul Smith in London to check out some fabrics.
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From someone who is actually a DJ on a part-time basis, I urge you not to do this... there are enough wannabe DJs already without adding to the confusion  heh
i second that. although i don't have my technics =(
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I like the suit with a twist look. One thing that I can think of off the top of my head is a midnight blue one-button tux jacket with burgundy and chocolate pinstripes and a solid midnight satin or grosgrain peaked lapel, in either cotton canvas to wear with jeans, or in wool. I would also like to see the jean jacket reworked as a jean shirt/jacket (i.e. a slimmer cut and a rounded bottom) but in a heavy, pinstriped wool flannel or boiled wool - chocolate brown with a muted sky blue pinstripe or camel with a burgundy pinstripe would both work. I've seen the patches on the elbows thing done by Dior Homme and Helmut Lang, and remain to be convinced.
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A couple of thoughts: 1. Penis gourd -- like some aboriganies(sp?) wear; it's a long (of course) gourd strapped on to cover the penis; looks like a pointy, permanent erection; we could modernize and civilize them with nice and -- gasp. -- soft fabrics with underwires; wear them with boat shoes 2. 80's faux-Japanese style shirts -- remember these? some of them even had Japanese characters on them and nobody knew what they said; they probably said "Ha Ha, stupid Americans, we will defeat you in the 1990s." 3. Parachute pants -- another retro styling maybe worthy of a return 4. Waders -- perhaps instead of rubber, make 'em out of tweedy wool for Fall; they could have integrated footies with leather soles and would hit up near our armpits with short braces over the shoulder; they could be somewhat fitted near the waist 5. Fedoras -- it's time get back to the 40's and 50's, before TV was so pervasive
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ZOOT Suits. Even on white guys and asians...
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Okay, I have a confession. Back in the 80's, when tapered pants and the "baggy fit" suit were the rage, I thought that zoot suits were the coolest thing. And guess what? Still do. Especially on Asian guys. It's like the Thai/Korean/Japanese Elvis impersonator thing. It's so wierd that it is sort of cool. As for the penis gourd thing - I'm not sure I could find one that would fit my footlong. Well, I'm exaggerating. It's only three quarters that length I swear it.
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It's only the length of three U.S. quarters standing on edge???
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It seems that a lot of clothing trends have been appropriations of the uniform of the working class by the leisure class.  The trucker craze is only the most recent example.  The trick is finding the next hot working-class profession.  Here are a few possibilities: UPS deliveryman Short-order fry cook Fast food restaurant manager Commercial fisherman Construction worker Rancher Bicycle courier Security guard
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