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Which wine refrigerator?

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I'm starting to get a few bottles of nice wines and figure that I should pick up a wine refrigerator to store them. Does anyone have recommendations for one that will hold about 50 bottles of various types of wines. I tend to keep a little bit of everything around (red, white, port, champagne, etc.). I don't need an under-counter model, since I'll probably keep it in the dining room. I'd also like for it to be fairly quiet.

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I've had the Marvel 50 bottle for 10+ years. Never a problem. At the time, they were one of the few manufacturers, but now I see nice looking models at Sams, Lowe's, Home Depot
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I bought the Magic Chef at Home Depot, which is probably the lowest price 52-bottle unit out there.


- Price (I think I paid $155)..bought the under-counter model which is finished just like any other 'display' model and saved ~$100
- Size and look...this has a glass door and light (which you can turn off) and looks as nice as the higher end models
- Temp. stability - I track this with a digital meter and it has done well. Just put your whites & Sauternes on the bottom and reds on top.
- Noise - does alright, not a concern for me


- HUMIDITY!!! - I am ordering the 65% humidity beads to try to keep the humidity up in there. No luck with a bowl of water...I think there is a drain I need to plug in there. The ambient RH will be <30% without controlling it which will dry corks out..
- vibration - if you believe this will affect wine then avoid. I'm not concerned.
- Humidity...again - Unlike a higher end model, you will need to babysit the water level with your beads, or alternate method (or throw out corked wine).

All up all in I would recommend the cooler.....once I figure out how to stabilize the humidity.
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Thanks. I'll check those out. Here in Houston, the only humidity problem I should have is keeping it under 100%.
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I have been researching the 'Vinotemp 52 Bottle. My local Costco has them at $580, (though cannot fine them on the website). Looks fairly decent, wooden shelving/trays.
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I was at a wine bar last night, discussing this with the owner. He suggested you check for a system using just freon coils inside the unit(like the older 1950's refrigerators), rather than fans and coils inside. Fans outside are ok. This older method, used on better wine units, is better at retaining internal humidity.
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I got a GE Monogram which I believe holds 60 bottles. I like it very much. I keep it at 55 (it only has one temp zone, not two), and put whites on the bottom drawers where it's a little cooler. Been a year and a half or so and it works wonderfully.
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IMO there are many good wine coolers in that bottle range on the market at this time. The thing to remember however is that these are not optimal for long term cellaring of wine, as something that sits in your kitchen (or dining room where you plan to put it) is going to get too much light and vibration for really long term cellaring of good wine. These are more for viewing as a "holding pen" prior to drinking vs. the place to put 25 years on a big Bordeaux.

I have a Vinotemp for the last few years and have been happy with it.
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I've got Eurocave wine fridges in my house. They're well-regarded (reliable/well-made) and have never let me down. They make a variety of styles, including some that have "furniture"-like finishes, so they'd blend in a bit better in your living room. If you want to look at Eurocave or other brands, you might want to check out, which will sell them to you.

To some extent, you get what you pay for. You can spend under $100 to over $1,000 for this type of wine fridge. Spend more if you think you'll want to have this same fridge working reliably 7+ years from now.
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My wife and I have had a Vinotemp 12 bottle wine refrigerator for the last six months. We love it. The temperature stays nice and cool and the unit is quiet. We found it at

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5 Years of this -

Purchased @ Costco - Not a single problem to date. Consistent temperature, humidity appears fine (though not measured, no bottles have come out with bad corks), quiet, requires a monthly wipe down of the top, sides, and glass (more attributed to my 20 month old daughter than the unit itself), lock comes in handy, seems well built and is pretty damn heavy.
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Originally Posted by Latimer View Post

My wife and I have had a Vinotemp 12 bottle wine refrigerator for the last six months. We love it. The temperature stays nice and cool and the unit is quiet. We found it at

Almost a five year necro bump. I think we have this week's winner.
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We have a GE that we got at the Home Depot years ago -- only use it for white and sparkling. Hell, I even keep a few bottles of beer in the bottom.
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Vinotemp has an eBay store (here), where they sell scratch and dent and refurbished stuff. I bought one of their scratch and dent units five years ago, and it was perfect, except for a scratch on a side, that can never been seen if it's installed. It was dirt cheap, under $200 if I remember ... Has worked perfectly ever since, and seems to do a good job. As I recall, the only bummer, is that they cannot tell you where the damage is, and don't offer any refunds ... this may have changed.
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Good info. I have been looking for one.

Edit. On second look their prices aren't that good. The VT 58 is $658 while BJs sells them for $699 with free shipping.
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