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Re the foregoing, I believe the standard weight for gloves in those days was six ounces. I think they just bred men tougher in those days. My grandfather had been a keen fight fan in that era (Pre WWI). I can recall watching one fight with the old boy not long before he died. As I recall, it was Benny "Kid" Paret vs. Emile Griffith. Griffith was pounding Paret against ropes and the ref stepped in to stop it. "They stopped it too soon!," my grandfather exclaimed. Paret had to be carried out of the ring and died a short time later. Not one of my grandfather's better call. Of course, some of the bouts in the old bare-knuckle era were real gorefests.
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Will you people please stop naming heavyweights as if that's some kind of counterpoint to the fact that 99% of boxers who've ever been competetive in a weight class didnt carry around much chub?

Op should take up boxing. It's a skill, nay, art that will improve your life in ways that go far beyond fitness. Just make sure you find a proper gym and trainers, not some kind of 24-hour-jazzercise knockoff.

Crossfit- at least the formula programmed on their webpage- may get you results for a month or two, or a bit more if you are detrained. After that, pushing through to the next level of athleticism requires a more focused brand of training than they offer.
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Jazzwecise knock off!!!! Lol
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Many CrossFit moves incorporate standard weight lifting moves, but the focus is not only on increasing weight, but also on getting more repetitions in a certain amount of time.

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From what I've heard,  CrossFit is not the best Training method for longevity and health. Its the old circuit training from the 80's coming into fashion. Many high profile trainers that's been featured on Tim Ferris and The Joe Rogan show, talks badly about CrossFit. You'll excel at Crossfit if you're genetically gifted. 


I would have done boxing if I were you. You'll also get the benefit of learning how to defend yourself which is always a great skill to have. 

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