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Originally Posted by wurlwyde View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Does anyone know what the name of this piece is or what season it's from?

jakob jacket from ss11
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^also it is very cropped.
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I have that jacket. Got it from roden gray. They listed it as simply a cotton / linen bomber. The length is actually much longer than a lot of his other (cropped) bombers.
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Originally Posted by Dbear View Post

looks like nomad is putting some of the tatras collab stuff online


bullet proof vest is dope lol


I slept on that vest when it dropped at Nomad. I'm S or M.  Do you know who else is stocking the collaboration? 

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Might want to try maas and stacks. Not on their webshop right now but they posted a pic of it to instagram
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Awesome - will check in with them

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Tatras vest is so sick. I just couldn't justify buying it at retail.
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Sized up to a size 50 on the type D Denim. Fits well in the thigh but the waste is a bit large... Is it easy to get that tailored??
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who bought the size 50 flight pants on forwardforward? censored.gif
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Hey doods, drops as ssense for geller, including the xCP collabs

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when I don't have access to my credit/debit account. Great

That is an amazing shot of the plastic wrapped product on the front page though haha
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Looks like forward put up one of the tatras jackets from the runway.


Looks kinda cropped.

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So... the latest of the Robert Geller stuff just came, most of it from FW13, some 60 pieces.  I haven't checked everything against inventory yet, but, here is the full list of what we just got according to the packing slip - I guess that Robert got tired of my making up names for his pieces.  We did get some Metropolis and some Berlin tees, a zip blazer in a linen/cotton material.  We also got a Fritz leather moto vest, a Tatras neck warmer (not sure where it is in the list below), some mesh tanks , , and a pair of the hightops in the black/burgundy color.  Several really incredible knits as well.


If someone is interested in something, just email me at  


Neck Warmer Dark Color
Neck Warmer Light Color
High top sneakers - Black Bordeaux mix
RG13A-1208 Printed Leather glove dots
RG13A-1208 Printed Leather glove striped
RG13A 1209 Zipper Neck Warmer Bordeaux
RG13A 1213 Conrad Hat Black
03-12H-1008 Clay
03-12H-4015-4 Pockets Jacket Charcoal
RG13A-1203 Lang Sleeves 
Knit sleeves – Red
RG Squares&Triangles dock pattern shirt brown
RG Wool pleated Jodhpurs pant black
RG13A-0109 Coated twill pant grey (these are awesome – essentially a painted jean)
RH13A-0302_Oversized dotted shirt
RG13A-0303 Shirt Jacket 1
RG13A-0303 Shirt jacket stripe
RG13A-0304 Ribbed cuff shirt
RG13A-0403 Rubber stripe sweater red
RG13A-0406 Pigment Dye Joseph V-neck
RG13A-Otto Mesh Tank Bordeaux
RG13A-Otto Mesh Tank Green
RG13A-Otton Mesh Tank Red
RG13A-0502 Wool sleeve Hoodie (okay, in all fairness, I did not see this, but I am an idiot)
RG13A-0520 Fabric Combo Sweatpant
RG13A-0612 Two tone jacket 
RG13A-0701 Textured wool vest
RG13A-0702 RG Vest Charcoal
RG13A-0704 Fritz Moto Vest Black
RG13A-0804 Metropolis coat – if no one picks this up, I’m buying it for myself.
RG13-0403 Open stitch crew neck Grey
RG13A-0101 Cumberbund Trouser Chocolate
RG13A-0102 Metropolis Trouser Camel
RG13A-0103 Conrad Dress pant
RG13A-0521 Richard Pant
RG13A-0522 Berlin Tshirt
RG13A-0523 Metropolis T-shirt Charcoal
RG13A-0523 Metropolis T-shirt Light Grey
RG13A-0524 Lang T-shirt emerald
RG13A-0601 Lang Jacket
RG13A-0608 Illusion Field jacket
RG13A-0106 Texture Wool Lounge Pant Bordeaux 
RG13A-0107 Illusion Cord Charcoal
RG13A-0107 Illusion Cord Navy
RG13A-0408 Sand Ston Crew Neck Brown (again really cool.  Nice U-neck shape)
RG13A-0517 Boat neck Dock shirt Black
RG13A-0517 Boat neck Dock shirt Grey
RG13A-0526 Color Combo Hoodie Grey
RG13A-0683 Zipper Blazer (black)
RG13A_0101 Cumberbund trouser black

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