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Are you still using the DSLR, Rob?
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Originally Posted by wj4 View Post

Are you still using the DSLR, Rob?

I'm playing around with a camera I'm borrowing...Sony Zeiss RX100.
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I wear the Ashland in medium (I'm 6' and 160#) and love the fit. Rob, having the sleeves and body slimmed would only run you about $25, maybe less.
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Khaki Rivet Chinos and Caine hopsack.

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Will there be a restock of digital camo in the future?
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Originally Posted by NewYorkIslander View Post

I'm playing around with a camera I'm borrowing...Sony Zeiss RX100.
Any post editing? I got the Joby Gorillapads for my camera so I hope to post more interesting pictures soon!
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Quick Walt sizing question... if I am a 31 in a Rivet (which fits just perfect) should I size up to a 32 or down to a 30 in the Walt?  I have bigger thighs, so it looks like I might need to size up and then have a tailor take in the waist.  Just wondering how accurate the measurements are....  

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^ Walt 32.

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Hey guys!

Apologies that I've been missing in action for the past few days. I had to polish off our tax return censored.gif and I always put off my final bookkeeping until the very last possible minute. But it's all behind us now, at least for another year!

I'm going to comb through and respond to everything, but if I missed anyone's query, please feel free to repost it and I'll catch it tomorrow.

First off, a quick announcement. All of us were THRILLED with the submissions for our Before/After contest. As promised, here are the fabrics which we'll use for the prizes. May I present two Italian linen windowpanes - one navy and cream, and one cream and navy.

I'll set up the contest poll in the next day or two. The popular choice winner will get first pick of the two colors, and the other one will be made up for the random ballot winner. I'll put together a big gallery of all the submissions too. Thanks again, it was fun!

And we've got some new product rolling out in the next week. I'm talking...

Five new Epaulet shirts
A killer gingham short
About six new Carmina shoes

And hopefully another surprise or so. We'll punch it up once the new stuff arrives.
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Originally Posted by onehotchili View Post

Quick Walt sizing question... if I am a 31 in a Rivet (which fits just perfect) should I size up to a 32 or down to a 30 in the Walt?  I have bigger thighs, so it looks like I might need to size up and then have a tailor take in the waist.  Just wondering how accurate the measurements are....  

Agreed with Applky - a Walt 32 would probably be the best bet. Having the waist taken in is really easy to do, and the split waistband finishes out perfectly. I do this with every pant that I own (get a Rudy 34 for the legs, have the waist taken in to about 33).
Originally Posted by FrankCowperwood View Post

Khaki Rivet Chinos and Caine hopsack.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Looking good - the jacket is a boss fit on you!
Originally Posted by tricky View Post

Will there be a restock of digital camo in the future?

Yes, in about a month. We're bringing it back in a new color: woodland digital camo. It's a darker mix of greens.
Originally Posted by NewYorkIslander View Post

I'm playing around with a camera I'm borrowing...Sony Zeiss RX100.

Aweee yes. My favorite compact camera in years.
Originally Posted by pekingman View Post

Totally with you on this one. I have the Tan/Brown/Navy Tattersall in a small and have the same issue with the high armholes (39" chest / 160 lbs / 6'1"). I can still wear the shirt, but it definitely pulls across the chest. Pity as the construction and cloth are really fantastic.  I am really tempted to try the new Sorbet Gingham in a medium but think this might be too large given that most regular line EP mediums fit well. Love those colors and pattern though.

Yes, if you comfortably wear an Epaulet medium, then chances are that the Ashland medium is going to be too big. We've always sold Gitman Vintage well, so when we put together the Ashland line, I based the fit on a slightly modified GV pattern. Many customers can only wear one or the other, especially when it comes to Mediums and Larges. Epaulet smalls and Ashland smalls are fairly close, so those sizes are pretty interchangeable. No worries, we've got plenty of killer fabrics coming down the road in the mainline Epaulet fit too. And hopefully our first Spring Navy Label delivery will hit soon.
Originally Posted by Wade View Post

Is the Veneto Double-Breasted Quilted Technical Sportcoat going to be restocked anytime soon? Or can we just pre order it? Need it in a 36

The Veneto shape was actually discontinued by our Italian factory, but we have the ability to cut a few units by special order. I've actually got two special order units coming in this week. It takes about 4-6 weeks. Price would be the same, but it's a final sale item due to the special order. Drop me a PM if you're interested and we can put that into work.

Originally Posted by NewYorkIslander View Post

Brooklyn store looks DOPE. Great job, and kudos for getting a Brooklyn contractor to actually finish the job in a timely manner! Grabbed a few new shirts for me and the lady today, and the sweet LBM jacket. Mike, awesome pickup with this, wearing it tonight sleeves rolled until I get em altered... Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Earlier today went to PP Zoo with the kiddies..."Daddy, we have on the same sneakers! AND THE SAME JACKET! Where's your Rangers hat like mine?" Direct quote:
Warning: Zootopia! (Click to show)
For the Aussies on here...the dingo did NOT eat my baby!

Red Panda

Feed the Goat (and he will score) Old school Man City Song
Yesterday EP Ashland/Old School Rivets/Mocs:

The new gear looks GREAT on you - thanks for posting up the shots! And glad that you dig the new layout, I'll shoot some pics and post them up for everyone to see this week.
Originally Posted by MSchapiro View Post

I've read that Mackintosh is very uncomfortable since it's not breathable? Experiences?

Which store has it in stock, I'll be in NYC in about a week.

True Mackintosh jackets are rubberized, so they won't breathe like a cotton raincoat, but their are metal grommets under each arm which allows air to flow through. This Loro Piana piece is meant for colder weather with its bonded wool exterior. I wouldn't try to wear it on a warmer day though, you'll probably be stifling in it.
Originally Posted by hookem12387 View Post

This is a total shot in the dark, because we're still waaay ahead of when yall said they even might start popping up as available: but do yall have any better idea when the first round of factory finds jackets will be ready? I'll be on my honeymoon in a month, and the one I ordered will be absolutely perfect for my nappa trip. Many thanks, yall.

I'm expecting them around the beginning of April. It's a little hard to predict an exact date. Let me explain why Factory Finds need this big lead time.

We thought of this program last year when we saw the short-run fabrics sitting at our trouser factory. Every garment manufacturer has left-over remnant fabrics, and its difficult for them to find a use for it. In many cases, the remaining fabric can only produce a few garments. It's a lot of great quality cloth that's just sitting around.

With Factory Finds, we negotiate a cheaper price with the factory and pass the savings along by offering it as a cut-to-order special makeup. We pay a little less, and we can charge a little less. More importantly, we're able to offer this incredible range of fabrics that we wouldn't ordinarily have access to. All you guys who ordered the sportcoats: you are going to BLOWN THE HELL AWAY by those jackets when they arrive. Same goes for the shirts and the last round of trousers.

The catch is that the factory is basically earning no money on this project. Which is okay because they're able to use a cloth that's otherwise unsaleable, and they keep the factory floor "filled" and busy with work. But this means that our factory finds items become the lowest priority for them, and they can only afford to make them when there's a lull in production that needs to be filled. That's why we'll need to plan out an 8-12 week lead time on future Factory Find orders. Chances are that it will always come on the earlier side of that window - even in 6 weeks in many cases - but I'd rather surprise everyone with an early delivery than disappoint everyone with a late one.

There's the whole tale! The next Factory Finds round will be for trousers, and we'll most likely put that up in the next week or two. It will be mostly Summer-ish stuff that will be delivered around mid-May.
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Originally Posted by stingray1381 View Post

Mike: Any chance you will offer a special order seersucker sport coat for the summer?

Yes, we'll have two options.

Option #1: A seriously boss all-navy tone-on-tone seersucker with smoke MOP buttons in the unconstructed Napoli fit. It's freaking perfect. This will be available as a stock coat (around mid April), and we have enough cloth to do 5 or 6 special orders on top of that.

Option #2: A classic blue & white seersucker available by special order as a sportcoat or a suit.

We're working on building out the MTO section with a few limited fabric jacket offerings in the next week or two, I'll post them up once they go live.
Originally Posted by momentoftruth View Post

really like the color on the Rivets that dropped today. Not exactly exciting, but will be great for the office
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Glad that you dig them! When they arrived, I was thinking "oh man, we now have ANOTHER shade of tan," but it's pretty perfect. Really soft hand on this cloth too. It's been selling surprisingly fast, and we've got a reorder in already.
Originally Posted by 2doubleu View Post

Really feeling the LBM jacket... is there enough room to shorten the sleeve about 1" without messing the working button cuff?

1" is probably too much to shorten at the cuff, but a good tailor can take it up at the top of the shoulder for you. That way you'll keep the working buttonholes.
Originally Posted by JackL2 View Post

Hi, I was looking at some of the Rivet Chinos and am definitely interested in making a purchases.  That said, I have large thighs for my waist - moreso than the listed measurements on the website permit.

Are there different fits possible for the Rivet Chinos?  If it helps, I'd be looking for a 33" waist pant that would fit on 26-26.5" thighs.  Thanks!

Hmm, we're basically in the same camp with waist and thigh measurements. Your legs are probably going to be too big for both the Rivet Chino and the Walt. But the Rudy pant is going to fit you brilliantly. We'll do a round of Rudy orders in the next week. I'd advise picking one fabric that you like - something easy like one of the sanded UK canvas', and getting a Rudy 34. I've got a 33" waist and about 26.5" thighs, and the 34 works great for me in the legs. I just have the waist taken in about 0.75"
Originally Posted by Don L View Post

Bummed.  I picked up a couple Large shirts off the marketplace to test the sizing but it appears they are a tad tight in the chest but perfect everywhere else. Looks like I am an XL in Epaulet shirts.

Both shirts are no longer available and are very nice, and new & unworn.

If you dig any of the Ashland shirts, then those in a Large could work for you as well. The Large Ashland falls between an Epaulet Large and XLarge.

Also, the upcoming Navy Label shirts in a Large (or the current Navy Label shirts in a Medium) could also be a very good fit. They're similar to Epaulet mainline, but they're not darted in the back and they're a touch more relaxed in the chest and armholes. I love the fit on them.
Originally Posted by wj4 View Post

This was the reason they switched from rivets to buttons so if they should bust, it would be an easy fix. I have about 7 or so pairs of rivet chinos and no issues on the buttons, knock on wood!

Believe me, I was skeptical at first too. When I received the first sample of the "new" Rivet Chinos, I thought that the buttons felt a little flimsy. I was definitely concerned about they staying on with heavy wear. The factory told me that the "shanked" buttons are sealed by a machine that leaves multiple knots in to secure it.

And I'll tell you what: they were absolutely correct. Since the relaunch last year, we've sold literally thousands of Rivet Chinos, and if a button ever fell off, then I never heard about it. I've never had a customer email me about it, and I've never had someone bring a chino with a missing or weak button into the shops. We're in pretty regular contact with our customers, so I'm entirely confident in the reliability of those buttons. Of course stitching can sometimes go wrong, buttons can fall off, and it's entirely possible that customers would just fix it on their own without telling me. But you shouldn't worry about it at all. They've proven to be solid as hell.

[EDIT] I was actually responding to the member who asked the question originally, not wj4, who's already down with the buttons big time nod[1].gif
Originally Posted by clarksdb View Post

Are you guys getting nailhead wool trousers in lightweight fabrics for the spring and summer and if so when? Also any other linen colors, such as a light grey?

Hell yes on both. Nailhead trousers will be here in about two weeks and grey linens in about 6 weeks.
Originally Posted by bubba04 View Post

Any chance you guys will come out with a matching Weller or Napoli sportcoat to the medium grey super 120's Walt trousers?
I'd be all over that.... happy.gif

I've got something close. We're going to run a matching jacket to these side-tab merino trousers:

Slim Walt Trouser Grey Merino Wool Side-Tab

It's going to be killer! I'd say that it will be hear around the end of April. I've got plenty of fabric left as well for special orders. The jacket that we make will be the Weller fit, but you can also special order an unconstructed Napoli jacket or a double-breasted Barrett one.
Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post

Cross-post from WAYWT; I wore my Epaulet seersucker button-down, blue OCBD, and Liberty mashup throughout 11 days in the Virgin Islands:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Good lord you are rocking the hell out of that mashup shirt. Thanks for posting the shots and glad that you guys had a good time!
Originally Posted by FrankCowperwood View Post

A question for Mike and Matt:

What's the prospect for further Navy Label shirts? I've been wearing my purple gingham Thomas Mason and really like it. I'm desperately in need of a plain blue shirt to go with all the patterned stuff I have, and would like a Navy Label sans ticking under the collar. Considering one of the regular EP shirts with darting, but just want to see if I'm going to buy that and then find out there's the perfect Navy Label shirt coming...

Should be soon! We've got five new Thomas Mason fabrics coming - three with buttondown collars and two with cutaways. We're also bringing in a grey oxford with the striped undercollar.
Originally Posted by FrankCowperwood View Post

Factory Finds delivered. Pleasant surprise as I forgot that I had four pairs coming. All Walts as follows:
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Dark sand basket weave. Very lightweight and I'm pleased with the pattern and color. I think these will make a good warm weather wool trouser.

Chartreuse heavy tweed. This is some serious upholstery. Could wear this out into our ongoing snow right now happily.

Emerald corduroy. Part of my shameless copying of Matt's fits. Great color.

Wool-silk twill. So soft with a wonderful texture to the color from the weave.

Now I wish they were all instantly hemmed. Sadly don't see myself getting to the tailor for at least a week...

And I've got a serious problem since I'm now very excited about the next FF round... Lavender? I hope so.


That's an awesome haul - thanks for picking them up!

And I've got some surprises for the next FF round. Potentially the most "go to hell" of all "go to hell" corduroys.
Originally Posted by slide13 View Post

I'm having the same conundrum. I used to wear Gitman larges but they've gotten to be too big. I can just barely fit into a Gitman medium but they are very slim fitting on me and I get a slight pulling across the chest (and then I go to put on a jacket and it pulls like crazy). Not sure if Epaulet large or XL would be better. May have an April trip to NYC in the works so I suppose I can wait and find out then.

Epaulet Large would most likely work very well for you. I can also button up a Gitman Medium, but it looks painted on. Epaulet large will give you significantly more room in the chest.
Originally Posted by FrankCowperwood View Post

I think you are going to be very happy with these.
I might not have to sell you mine. If there's fabric left, if may be possible for Mike to take an order for these when he does the next round of Factory Finds. Sand basket weave is definitely a warm weather weight and wool-silk twill isn't too heavy, so you wouldn't even be too far off the season cycle even with living in the desert...

Can't hurt to ask.

I'll have to check, I'm pretty sure that we have some more sand basket weave though.
Originally Posted by NewYorkIslander View Post

I don't understand the whole, "I'll never spend x on a jean" argument. From guys who don't blink an eye at $200+ on trousers. Jeans are a different animal, a beast if you will. They don't require the delicate care that trousers do, shit, they barely require anything at all, and I wear my jeans much more than trousers when I look at the hours I'm in dress pants compared to them. A nice pair of jeans to me is well worth a little more...for me its all about the fit, I'll have to try these bad boys on.

This was exactly my thinking when I picked these up for the store.

Here's the backstory on the Armoury jeans. We've been friends with those guys for a while, and all of us at Epaulet really admire what they do. I'm also a huge fan of Hong Kong. This past Summer, Mark came out to visit us at the Epaulet Brooklyn store and he showed me the jeans in person. Now, I'm not a denimhead, but I'm pretty familiar with high-end jeans. I've shopped at Self Edge and Blue In Green. I've owned quite a few pairs of Japanese selvedge jeans in my time. I admire what goes into them, and even though they're more casual by nature, I think that they can have just a much value and craftsmanship as a great pair of trousers or a sportcoat.

I was really impressed by them in person. The quality is phenomenal. The denim has a great character, and the details are on point. Indigo Farm is an excellent workshop, and they make extremely small batches of jeans. That attention to detail is really evident in these. The pockets have a cool shape and tweak the usual 5-pocket layout in an interesting way. They have a vibe that's versatile and easy to dress up. They look boss with dress shoes and a sportcoat, but could (of course) be worn totally casual as well. But most importantly, these have a consistent fit. They come washed and preshrunk, and the fit is roughly similar to our Walt / Rivet Chino shape (although you'll need to size down 1). If you like the shape of our trousers and chinos, then you'll most likely dig the jeans too. And you don't have the play any guessing games with shrinkage. Jeans have so many nuances in fit - and some fit straight-up horribly, so I was excited that these had such a nicely tailored shape that speaks well to what we design.

They're a specific item that won't appeal to everyone, but I think that they're great, and I want to support what the guys at the Armoury do. There's certainly a lot of options out there in the world of selvedge jeans, but if you dig them, and they make sense in your wardrobe, then I'm confident that you'll be happy with them. Both the Armory and Indigo Farm put a lot of work and attention into these, and you can be sure that we looked at them with a very critical eye before ordering.
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Cramerton Walt's and Whiskey LWB



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Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post

Agreed with Applky - a Walt 32 would probably be the best bet. Having the waist taken in is really easy to do, and the split waistband finishes out perfectly. I do this with every pant that I own (get a Rudy 34 for the legs, have the waist taken in to about 33).

Awesome!  Thanks guys.... looking forward to placing an order later this week.  Now to choose what to get?!?  :)

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Hey Mike, are those new Windsor tan Rivets chinos the same cloth as the brushed graphite ones? Also, how close is it in color compared to the Pumice canvas version? They look very similar on my screens. Thanks.
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Looking forward to that navy-navy seersucker jacket. I've wanted one for a long time -- maybe the Napoli fit will be the one for me. smile.gif
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