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Suit made by HickeyFreeman/Oxxford for others

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In your opinions, do suits made by Hickey or Oxxford lack in quality if they're ones made for retailers? My question is especially directed for Hickey/Oxxford suits made for smaller shops (Wilkes Bashford, Littler (Seattle), Myers Bro. (Springfield)).
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Made for others? You mean, the label says "Oxxford for Neiman Marcus"? It's just a label, dude. It's the same suit.
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The only variation, tangentially, with Oxxford is the possible disparity of the level of in-house tailors among their various retailers. Oxxford's inherent quality is consistent across the board. Grayson
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I was looking at a HF at Dillards about a week ago. It seemed to me that the suit had a lower quality lining than HFs that are available at finer shops or MTM. In about a week I will be getting a Burberry sport coat that is made by HF. This jacket is at a significantly lower price point than HF, so I expect the quality will be lower as well. Because of my size, I am a MTM man and don't often look to closely at OTR at department stores. Regarding Oxxford, I keep hearing about all the Oxxfords at Filene's and have to wonder if they aren't somehow different. Charles
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You probably saw a HF Ltd. suit, as opposed to the Hickey Freeman Collection label.  The LTD suit is an inferior line. As an owner for a "FB Oxxford," I can tell you they are no different. I am in awe of the quality (the lapels are incredible) every time I wear it. They do come with full coat linings most of the time, as FBs main source apparently orders the coats with full linings.
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What would you guys, then, make of the following items? Prices too good to be true? Southwick: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...tem=3970498922 Oxxford: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....IT&rd=1 Hickey Freeman: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....IT&rd=1
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With regard to the Oxxford suit, since the "slacks" are already finished with cuffs (possibly meaning the suit was fitted for another person who ended up not purchasing it), make sure they're long enough for you. Grayson
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Both the Oxxford and the Hickey are rather vintage. That doesn't mean they aren't wearable though... And to answer the original question - no there is rarely any difference in quality. The only exception is if a store specs a suit with slightly less handwork to save money. I've seen this on occasion, though not with Oxxford or HF.
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I visit the Oxxford Store almost weekly, and I know the product, the owner, and the CEO. All Oxxford garments have the same level of workmanship regardless as to whether they were made for the Oxxford Store, Saks, Neiman Marcus, Wilkes Bashford, Louis Boston, etc. In other words, Oxxford does not have a bridge line or "Oxxford lite" which would be a garment with less workmanship at a lower price. There is one line of maufacture across the board. However, one store might place an order with higher quality cloths than the next store. In sum, the "guts" are the same. Cheers.
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" Both the Oxxford and the Hickey are rather vintage. That doesn't mean they aren't wearable though..." What would be ways to tell if the ebay suits are vintage? The label designs?
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The label gives away the Hickey Freeman, and the lapel/gorge shape the Oxxford.
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