Wallet advice - kawatako uk bridle / ashland or j michael cordovan / ohba yamaura calf

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by couldnthaveknow, Nov 29, 2015.

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    Looking for a wallet that will be durable and age well. I'd like a wallet that looks good after 5 years or use, rather than falling apart at the seams which is what's happening to my current Paul Smith wallet.

    My choices are:

    Kawatako UK Bridle wallet - this wallet has a black coating, which will age to reveal the tan colour underneath, which sounds interesting. I haven't been able to find any Kawatako reviews after years of use though, and the brand wasn't prominent years ago which makes me wonder if its a 'hot' brand of the moment.



    Ashland or J Michael cordovan - obviously very popular on the forum



    Ohba yamaura wallet - yamaura calf is supposedly legendary in terms of hand feel. It's very thin, reportedly 0.6mm thick. I can vouch for Ohba's quality - I have a briefcase from them and it is supremely good quality (workmanship wise), my one is in Japan leather and I don't use it much so can't comment on its aging, but the workmanship I can say is supreme, as is the customer service


    Suggestions welcome too - my budget tops out at around $300USD and main criteria is ages well (especially if the leather still looks nice after years of use), doesnt fall apart (workmanship wise, specifically the threads don't come apart), durable (I put my wallet in my trouser pockets)


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